Big K.R.I.T, Unofficially Royal


Remember a few years ago when everyone was clamoring to be “King of The South”? That competition sort of fell off when TIP got locked up, Weezy became more interested in pulling off a kick flip and Scarface started eating Jello at his local nursery home. Well, if you revived that unofficial bout I’d take a flyer on Mississippi bred emcee, Big K.R.I.T. One thing you cannot dispute is that he knows how to make music to cruise to. His Live From The Underground LP which dropped this year is a non-stop melodic adventure that provides an ideal soundtrack to everything from an epic road trip to a quick milk run down to your local 7-11. The album has made our shortlist for Top 10 albums of the year, stay tuned for that very official tournament. Another thing I’ve always appreciated is when a rapper produces his own material, that and a good old Slim Thug appearance.

This track will be featured on clothing company SPKSMEN mixtape which drops in four days.


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