The Lusciously Savage Big Boi [Album Preview]

big-boi-4My favorite Outkast rapper should be your favorite Outkast rapper. Said rapper is dropping his new album on December 11th, I’ve been giving it a thorough listen prior to officially reviewing it. For those of you who can’t wait for the album or my review (guffaw, guffaw), you can check Big Boi on Jimmy Fallon tonight performing a track with Little Dragon (who are featured on 3 tracks on the album). And here’s 3 tracks off Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors for your listening pleasure.

apple of my eye

upbeat track which sounds a little like a volkswagon commercial, indie crooner on the hook, Big Boi’s composition as usual is unique, funny thing is this track sounds more Andre 3000 than classic Big Boi, big band feel

Thom Pettie featuring Little Dragon & Killer Mike

Killer Mike is a must feature on any future Dungeon Family product. The Little Dragon connection was a wonderful suprise, this combination flat out works!

Higher Res featuring Jai Paul & Little Dragon

Speaking of surprises, a Jai Paul feature!!! WTF! Dude is one of the most played artists on Spotify and he’s dropped like two tracks ever! This co-sign proves what we already knew, Big Boi was not given enough credit for his musical prowess in regards to Outkast’s sound.


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