In-Flight Movie


Somebody get more Nocando tracks on Spotify, chop chop. This emcee has been bending my ear since I first caught a show back in ’08 (Low End possibly, back then they sold spiked brownies, so I don’t truly recall). Like many indie artists with ample time and creative license, it’s been hard to keep track of all creations. They seemingly appear out of nowhere and often are accompanied by a great anecdote. I’ll let the maestro describe his motivation for this one.

I flew regularly for 3 years straight. I still fly regularly, just not as much. In these 3 years I took over 250 flights. It sounds glamorous now but it was lonely, I found it difficult to relate to people, I got sick a lot and had a tweekers sleep schedule. Ironically on an International flight to either Japan or Australia I saw the movie up in the air for the 1st time, It made me sad as FUCK! With all of that I managed to make a love song out of it.


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