Bad Behavior in the Bay

As is often the (ironic) case, the holidays are fraught with bad behavior.  Company holiday parties often extend their invites to the seven deadly sins, where guests slug down alcohol and confess lust or declare their hatred of one another.  Similarly, it’s essentially tacit that New Years Eve is about behaving in a despicable manner, an exorcising of demons of sorts before you finally decide to knock off those fifteen pounds or finally become a vegan.

Even before the holidays this year, San Francisco has had an especially fantastic run of acting in an unacceptable fashion: In the early summer the majestic Golden Gate Bridge turned seventy-five and SF drank itself silly; In Early November, despite hype of a battleground-state shootout, Barack Obama flicked Mitt Romney’s presidential bid into the trash can like it was a flyer that read “GET RICH BY WORKING FROM HOME!!!” placed on his windshield while he was getting coffee and San Franciscans again jovially pranced in the foggy streets; on October 28th, Miguel Cabrera (the AL MVP and Triple Crown Winner) of the Detroit Tigers, struck out looking on a Sergio Romo fastball,  which both contradicted the use of the ferocious cat’s name which Miggy’s team takes its name from and clinched the Giants’ second World Series championship in three years.  The city, again, went apeshit.

Chronicling this barrage of orange & black buffoonery is the newest banger from SF’s own A-1, “Double Dose.”  Along with the song itself, I love the extemporaneous thought process that I assume went into the production of A-1’s latest jam.  This video actually gives a pretty accurate depiction of the organized apocalypse that ensued that night: kids smoking copious of weed in the streets, fires, people dressed like bears clobbering folks dressed like tigers(metaphor is alive and well!) and finally a squad of torpid cops attempting to subdue the joyful scofflaws.

I’ve become a big fan of bad behavior, so long as you clean up after yourself. Happy holidays and may your days be filled with horrendously soul liberating acts of self-indulgence. Be sure to nab A-1’s latest, The Thurl Tape for free.


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