The Racism of Suicide When It Comes To Rappers


You ever notice the disturbing reactions to the suicide of a rapper? I often hear somebody say something along the lines of “what was his problem? He was a rapper!” Perhaps a few jokes about how said rapper must not “have had enough bling” or perhaps a comment about how piss poor their content was. Yes, I feel confident saying, when rappers kill themselves, it’s met with a dehumanizing dismissal from the general public. As if the convolution of a rapper’s lifestyle could never rival the complexity of suicide. A little over a week ago, Seattle based rapper Freddy E. killed himself, prior to doing that he left a few chilling tweets.


Many were to quick to blame his apparent failed relationship with Toronto based rapper Honey Cocaine. Although she was quick to dismiss that notion as sheer ignorance, she did drop this track today which certainly sounds like a goodbye to Freddy at the very least. The track is a pretty good manifestation of what Honey can do lyrically (think Nicki Minaj without the multiple personality issues), but more importantly it’s a solid memento of the fact that Freddy was a person (Frederick Eugene Buhl) who died too young for most of us to judge without prejudice. Just another reason to appreciate that the word “rapper” is a label used to pigeon hole certain musicians into a place where they can be simplified into a statistical punchline.

Honey Cocaine – He’s The One (ft. Roxie LS) Prod. The Midi Mafia


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