This That Shit That Freed The Slaves


Alright, first some disclaimers. I’m not a 2 Chainz guy, I rock zero jewelry and I wouldn’t change my rap moniker if my life depended on it (I went by Drake circa 1997). Secondly, before you lambaste me with racial stuff, the title of this post was outright plucked from a commentor on this track’s Soundcloud page. Having said that, this is that shit that freed the slaves man! I guess I can’t keep saying I hate mashups and continue to propagate it all over ZIF. But Scott Melker, founder of The Melker Project  has been pushing the right fusion formula. First ingredient, an eclectic as possible combination of artists. “Skeetwood Mac” is the first in a series of EPs being released by The Melker Project, each showcasing different classic artists. As the name implies, this EP is comprised of five Fleetwood Mac songs, each mashed up with Hip Hop and R&B standards. The project is available for your downloading pleasure starting 2/4.


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