Kings of NY?


So as many of you know, we at ZIF do a lot more than post a random piece of work once in a while. As a full service artist development agency, we are constantly looking for ways we can integrate ourselves into up and coming artists and make an impact on their career trajectory. That being said, we’ve been busy this week satiating clients. Okay, caveat installed.

But not so busy that I can’t take a brief moment to highlight this single off the new The Doppelgangaz album, Hark. As I’ve mentioned before, [bold statement alert] they are my favorite rap act out of NYC. For the record, they’re big overseas. It’s a good litmus test actually, anytime a rap act is big in Europe but relatively unknown Stateside you can bet they are spitting some truth. For those that remember what rap looked like in that town before A$AP, this is your ticket. The new album drops March 15th, if this single is an indication of quality on the rest of the project, I have a feeling their presence won’t be so damn Eurocentric.


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