Unfinished Flyness

When most of us start something creative, it often ends up in a dirty stack of shameful “wish I had more time” attempts in our basement somewhere. When Flying Lotus starts a song and chooses to leave it unfinished, it gets released via Twitter/Soundcloud and gets 65,000 plays in one day. Forget redistributing wealth in this country, how about we start with doling out ‘cool’ in a more equitable manner, spare time too.

This track is apparently a new remix of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You”, fans got pretty upset that this is clearly unfinished. FlyLo went on Twitter to apologize that he was drunk when he released the track and that it will come down soon. Yikes. Stream while you can?


Stop Biting My Zebra Meat

Just a couple Zebra related covers for projects I co-sign. I knew this zebra branding had legs back in ’07, glad to see it’s panning out for others. I’ll go to my grave knowing that the Big Sean cover was inspired by ZIF, period.  Uploaded tracks off all projects, but you should check them out in their entirety, simply click the respective zebras.

Sir Michael Rocks – Wassup

No Room For Halfway Crooks On Twitter

Recently posted on Havoc’s Instagram page – TheRealHavoc

Mobb Deep dropped Black Cocaine last year and promised their fans a follow up early 2012. Scrap that, Havoc has spent the last 24 hours absolutely going in on Prodigy over Twitter.  Havoc keeps referencing a meeting Prodigy was supposed to attend, and is also absolutely convinced that Prodigy has fallen for Rihanna, claiming that the hardened rapper is actually under the impression that he has the inside track on marrying the uber-pop starlet. Either way, for a couple of OG’s who pretty much defined street worthy thuggery for a generation of listeners, the fact that this is taking place on Twitter is tomfoolery. For those of you who think Havoc may have been hacked, he clarified that he wasn’t and also opened up today’s twitter day with ” good morning gay p”. Congratulations guys, you just got nominated for lamest hip hop anecdote of the year. On a side note, these guys love their Instagram, both of them are using that application like it’s going out of style, which it is by the way.

Don’t piss off Havoc, he may just tweet your ass to death.

Lil B: One Happy Gay Heterosexual

Viral prince of the absurd raps, Lil B, has dropped his name in absurdly portentous headlines once again. About a week ago, he announced, “I’m Gay”, specifically, that the title of his new album would be called that. Here’s a little excerpt of his bold and socially charged statement:

But it’s like, first, ‘gay’ means ‘happy.’….  I like women. I love women. But it just shows you, it’s like: No matter what you do, it doesn’t matter. Live life. We only got one life to live. Be happy. Fuck the hate. Fuck the hating.”

I can’t really hate on that, not without sounding stupidly gay. But according to Lil B there is a lot of hate directed his way right now. Considering his based status on Twitter, and the abundance of gay bashing yahoo’s tweeting, it is a bit of a predictable car wreck. But yes, apparently the death wishes are piling in like Chris Cringle on 12/24. Perhaps his claim that this decision will be looked upon as socially significant (in the MLK sense of the word) may not be as offensive as I first assumed, it does spark a conversation. Onto other based matters, is it just me or is Lil B getting better at directing his own videos? Sheen, winning, cooking music video. Oh Lil B, you one in a million nutcase you, I hope you’re enjoying Brewsters millions.

Necro Clarifies. Not into human torture and slavery. Just saying. [press]

Hip-hop’s own King of Death Rap releases his sixth full-length album,DIE! today. To celebrate, Necro is inviting all of his Tri-State area fans out tonight for a special meet-and-greet in-store at the legendary Fat Beats New York. Come out, grab a CD, get it signed, and chop it up with Necro tonight from 7pm – 9pm EST.

Recently, Necro’s video for the song “Human Traffic King” has become the object of controversy and an online petition to force a venue to stop him from performing the song. Necro has responded by releasing this statement:

“Okay, for the record, I will officially say, I DO NOT SUPPORT HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

I am not making this statement to censor myself, or to try to make anyone happy. I am doing this to set the record straight, and to address the organization petitioning me, The Barnaba Institute. Who by the way didn’t even quote the correct lyrics in their petition- get ya facts straight!)

I am a rap artist from the streets and I always speak the truth as I see it. I do not support women being kidnapped and used for prostitution by organized crime. I run a record company and release brutally explicit hip-hop albums for a living. I have a mother and niece I love, as well as female fans all over the world that I love and I would never want to see them in a position where they were victims of human trafficking.

My female fans support me 100%. They understand my sick insane art, and they know it’s just that: art. They are intelligent enough to recognize the difference.

Let me make something else clear: I DO SUPPORT insane explicit brutal art, and everything I record and release is based on reality. Human trafficking is a very real and serious subject that has never been touched on by any hip-hop artist. I am the first, but you shouldn’t crucify me for showing you the brutal truth.

My “Human Traffic King” video is not anti or pro, it’s just art, it just is. It’s viewing reality and brutal like a horror movie. Do we persecute movie directors for making brutal gore films with people being viciously killed? NO, these movies are in movie theatres and retail stores all over the world raking in millions, so why when a musical artist does that same form of art through music should it be judged differently?

I was raised on gore flicks and low budget horror movies, so when I make art it has that exploitational feel to it because that’s how I like to paint pictures. The thing that always made exploitational films so good is that they were more true to life than blockbuster movies; more dark, gritty, and realistic. So yes, my video is fucked up. Why? Because human trafficking is fucked up, plain and simple. Any female watching the video can see what could happen if she isn’t careful in this world.

I DO NOT SUPPORT HUMAN TRAFFICKING, but I DO SUPPORT FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THE RIGHT TO CREATE ART THAT IS TRUE TO LIFE. You have the right not to watch it, or to watch it and learn from it, you can even hate me, but don’t misunderstand the director or writer for his creation or depiction of reality

You heard it from me personally, if you wanna debate my views, fine, but don’t twist my words into what you want them to be.

Ron Braunstein aka Necro

DIE! “

A message for all you pirates. 50 Cent say’s Fuck You! A message to RIAA. Jake say’s Go Die.

‘I don’t think the music business is dying. I think we’re just experiencing technology and we have to pass new laws, eventually, to change how music is being distributed.’ – Fitty

What a little cock mongrel! Like really! Like I wish I had Seth and Amy by my side, and maybe even Tina, and we could say together “REALLY?” Why is it that every time “The Man” starts to get handled by “the people”, he finds a way to buy the soul of an influential party, one who will impact “the people’s” ability to combat “The Man”? Apparently, Curtis “sheisty” Jackson is going to be helping undermine the current atmosphere of music “piracy”, think of him as a bounty hunter or repo man, hired by the RIAA to get creative with solutions.

Check this little nugget 50 Cent purports to be a fundamental part of the problem:

‘It’s easier to download a song that’s three minutes long, probably about three or four seconds for you to download it, it’s easier to steal.’

That doesn’t even make sense, it’s actually easier for Joe Blow to download a song legally off the ITunes store than it is for that person to hit Google and actually find a pirated copy. Fact is, piracy is rampant amongst bloggers, musicians, and real sonic heads, but I assure you that your aunt and probably most of your cousin’s couldn’t download a pirated copy of their favorite album if I had a Glock 17 to their head, trust.

Here’s a crazy idea I’d absolutely love to pitch right at Fitty or RIAA; how about focusing on the fact that the industry is still trying to push archaic music delivery systems on us? Perhaps once you put some of your bankroll behind marketing your products in consumable forums, then you can focus on being on top of technology the next time it takes a leap as it did between CD’s and vinyl and as I’m sure it will for electronic distribution channels.

Either way, I got two things to say. First of all, 50 Cent is a walking problem, a virtual punching bag used by bloggers and mainstream society to either feel good about their wretchedness and/or internal superiority complexes. Secondly, and more importantly, here’s 50 Cent’s last album, for free, pirate the fuck out of it. The seas are calm in ZIF bay, Arrr!..

FREE Download Sucka: 50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct

Decade in retrospect

This was a bad decade. It’s good to know it’s over. This doesn’t mean specific people didn’t ride high; perhaps it’s worth lauding their accomplishments in a series of lists that can be consulted as sorts of time-capsules. The boys in a band are not in love with the modern world, this is a good start; tragic love was running shit since Gwen Stefani crossed-over and somehow predicted it happening in her first music video with No Doubt, almost as if the whole thing was contrived from the get-go. PAUSE.

Are there really commercials in this shit? They’ll ruin any good thing with inundated bullshit, won’t they, these record execs? Even Lupe Fiasco fucking complains; it’s enough to drive any loving critic fucking loco! So if this decade is all about losses; then we can casually sift through the wreckage, like Japanese cockroaches with helmet-cams and try to make sense of the fact that we are being controlled like robots by those who continually sell us new technology to make our lives MORE than what we could on our own. This growth is a kind of cancer of the human body; not on that Non-Phixion tip “1975: they created AIDS inside a laboratory” it’s amazing how many people can get caught up in superstition. PAUSE

The rechargeable battery came to replace the middle man between you and your product, now it was just supposed to be the player’s designer and the energy company which owned all your shit. Renting became so fucking easy, borrowing for no apparent reason the norm for 10 years, and the landslide that came a tumblin’ down was somehow a surprise to a suddenly defunct, but not quite dysfunctional family that is the american empire; no capitals here, cause’ there’s nothing to celebrate. Amiri Baraka once asked Thelonius Monk, “what’s happenin’?” Monk replies, “Everything, at the same time.” PAUSE

Is that shit not HILARIOUS: ZIF exclusive thought: reshoot this document piece, but make it about AznAmerican ballers, specifically Taka Yasuzawa, the Takstar.


The espoused musings of a jazz group are not worth speaking about in rigid boundaries. If you believe in the spiritual power of nationality, then you see The TOKYO BLUES of Horace Silver combining a lot of ingredients in its kind of Miso-ChimiChurri soup soup, an intriguing predecessor to MF DOOM’s MM..Food, sort of, if you’re hungry, many folks seem to be these days, so if they have that silly apocalyptic theme running like electric current through them, don’t listen. This album is really great, a word that I think is used all too frequently, but sometimes you gotta swim in a sea of shit to get the lettuce right. The lattice work of the mind, CHERRY pie crust? may have something to do with the design. You know how Tracy Morgan and Dave Chapelle, one time or another have made light of Jewel-Encrusted or Spiritual Poop, this is no eerie coincidence that I too poop, and laugh at the American empire burning to the ground slowly and taking us down with it, I still won’t see that fucking James Cameron movie, that guy sucks. Anyways, this album, why even listen to me, just put it on and listen intently to some good ideas, if you’ll remember the last album review, there is entirely less suggestive harpooning with penises, oh electric-bassist driven records, does Bootsy and Buckethead belong in the same sentence? Anyways, the piano is really great when Horace Silver sweats like in Umbria 1976, my goodness what a performance. Hey Jake wrote a seriously poignant piece on Chinese and Race, and it raises questions about translation and implications, that ought to be addressed, it’s a high risk game, and it’s sad that people would play around with such things as atom splitting divisive issues that hush you, kind of like Colbert getting blown up in a Nuclear Explosion. I saw a crazy friend, he wanted a cigar at Little Taste of Cuba, sez to me, “I gotta find out about Guantanamo Bay over at Cuba.” We go, he picks up a U.S. 1 before he gets inside and sez, “Just like Rocafella Records, all ads.” I’m stunned, mouth agape with “Agape” for this boy, he is like Nas, but not because he doesn’t accept beats from Chris Webber, and you, good reader, should not accept such nonsense either. WHY must he continue to crush himself in competitive fields? Well, maybe he was made for TV. Listen to the Tokyo Blues!

The Lady Who Makes Me Gag(a)

An 18 year old employee of mine asked me the most ridiculous question today, she rudely put forth, ” you don’t like Lady Gaga?” This young lass asked this question with such audacity and awe that I was forced to ponder the question, call it mental rendition. I answered with a pathetic “I guess she’s OK.” Complete fail, she’s OK? She’s agitating, she’s trendy, she’s terribly untalented, she’s somewhat sexy in the bestiality kind of way, but she’s not “OK.” After hitting up Natural High to peep Karma tonight I knew my preference for substance was not music nerdy or socially elite, it was a simple dismissal of terrible radio junk. Lady Gaga is the type of artist that ends up in a figurative garbage can, considering it’s Gaga, she may end up in a physical one to boot. I can’t think of a reasonable historic example to exemplify my point here, but 4 Non Blondes and Milli Vanilli come to mind for some reason. Either way, this YouTube character, Lord Gaga, is the kind of viral identity I would usually dismiss with a passive glance and a wave of the mouse. But this character hammers my proverbial nails in Lady Gaga’s coffin, I can’t help but stare awhile, and yes, free my mind from an unknown interrogation cell in Syria.

Check this video of Lady Gaga while she was still human and a student at NYU.

Seriously How Hot Is Lou Jing?

Scroll one post down and you’ll find my piece on Lou Jing. Lou Jing is one of the prettiest girls to become a trendy blog topic for quite a long time, and it’s a damn shame that her looks are the reason for her hoopla for all the wrong reasons. But nevertheless, it does give bloggers like myself a chance to post a photo thread of the young beauty. Scroll, examine, enjoy…

Special thanks to Lou Jing’s parents, letting their emotions get the best of them and making a baby. Breaking racial barriers in China is no light hearted task, her mother deserves a prize, I heard you can get a Nobel one on the cheap, someone hook her up!

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Rihanna Actuality

Too often we forget the simple fact that our favorite stars and celebrities eat, shit, and sleep just like us. This convenient state of ignorance leads to conditions of shock and awe when stars are revealed to be every bit as human as you and me, or your hot cousin for that matter. The Paparazzi are labelling incidents like this one featuring Rihanna as “accidents”, as in, she accidentally forgot for a second that it was her duty to perpetuate the physical lie that is her label created brand. Well fuck that, show your cottage cheese with pride Rihanna, everyone in my camp would hit it. And that’s really real!

Vintage Is Best

Young Gunna he was.

Perhaps in a reference to bloggers like us talking about the superiority of vintage Kano over contemporary Kano, Kano drops a message about our propensity to say “he used to be the shit.” Message received and currently being processed. I do admire the line Kano drops about people pestering him about older material:

“why don’t you flow like P’s & Q’s?” Answer? “Because I make P’s and no longer sell Q’s!”

So basically if it’s not your old shit, you will at least continue to rhyme about your old shit?

Kano – NWMOS (Niggas Want My Old Shit)

The Queen doesn’t eat with peasants

Not officially endorsed by the Queen herself.

Click cover to download

So Lil Kim has “dropped” a new mixtape! Wait, don’t yawn, trust me, this is a major internet story right now, Google it. Granted, Lil Kim putting out a mixtape is somewhat comical, and the cover is ludicrous. Appropriately or not, the cover art is what the internet gossip has latched onto. Apparently the blog world is appalled by her malicious attempt to make herself “white” with the blatant platinum blonde, blue-eyed and bleached skin look. The list of disgusted racial purists include the ‘urban’ folks over at Media Takeout for example, or the Jerries over at StackHouse Recordings and the elitist over at Ihiphop, you too, I see you son. Let’s peep the promo and see what this vile woman has thrust upon us.

Frankly as far as the music goes, this is worth the hard drive space. Too many classic Bad Boy joints remixed proficiently for this mixtape to suck. The true value of this story is in fact a moral, so listen up fellow bloggers. First of all, most mixtape cover art is outside the responsibility of the artist, hence, there is often little correspondence or collusion regarding the ‘artwork’ itself. More importantly, from what my sources have gathered, and I commend any effort to disprove this, this is a fan-made mixtape, not a Lil Kim endorsed project. As far as I’m concerned Kim wouldn’t know the difference between “Bee Mixes” and her favorite cocktail if prodded.

So get off her proverbial nuts guys! You think she had her hand on the mouse when Photoshop was open? Shit, she’s spending her time with those nice white folks who get paid to dance badly on TV. Photoshop? Photoshop? (Insert Iverson rant about practice, replace every ‘practice’ with ‘photoshop’)

I hope you get my gist, suckers.

Tracklisting after the jump.

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out of the shadow


A lot of bullshit, a whole lot, is being passed off as deserving of merit in the world of music; LCD Soundsystem, some dudes whose names I can’t remember off the top of my head, gets serious love from Pitchfork.com in this list of the top songs of the last 10 years with 2 of the top 13 songs being credited to them. Is it all so bad? Outkast, coming in at numero uno with B.O.B., a track that the reviewer lauded as way ‘ahead of its time’, get love for the track ‘Hey Ya’, itself seemingly owing more to Andre Benjamin than Big Boi.

The underlying theme in this whole list seems to be a need to embrace mediocrity as the foundation of our modern lives. Doesn’t that seem like a terrible waste? Often times this leads to, sometimes well-intentioned, people offering you their own mediocre solution to life’s difficulties; submitting your will to some higher power is a pretty tried and true method of control. Here’s something to think about, The United States of America currently has more people behind bars than the Soviet Union put in the Gulag.

Musical Interlude: fuck it.

Fuck it.


Don't look inside his belly.....gross.You’d think that the guy who invented a character like “Nazi Shark” wouldn’t be easiest guy to empathize with, you’d be wrong though. In this lovely weekly throwgasm report (the throwgasm originally serving as a rating system for the watchability of various NFL games on any given weekend period (they play on Saturdays now too) Drew Magary takes a bunch of big names to the cleaners; he’s got his forum and he’s damn well taking advantage of it. He even cites his sources so well; talking John Landis Blues. We all miss Bill Murray pre-Wes Anderson, we always knew he was an asshole, but something has forever died in the new Jarmusch/Anderson muse era. Adam Sandler in Funny People means his Pyramid of Jewish Jokery begins its deseent towards the deep valley of future obscurity, as we all decide late in the game that Punch Drunk Love was a pretty good movie. If bloggers are the problem, people, then what the fuck is the solution?

Read the Bill Simmons piece (in 2 parts) on “Almost Famous”/The NBA Off-Season here and here. Amazing how everyone is so quick to try and turn the NBA offseason in to some sort of Blockbuster Video viral advertisement. I shamelessly compare enormous athletic, but bald black men to ninja turtles, there’s no right or wrong, moral high-ground here in the analogy game when the games aren’t even being played. The greatest intrigue would be fans getting to games without blowing through all their loot.

The Status Quo; unbelievably successful in the UK for 30+ years! If you told me on facebook that you like dubstep, you’re not telling me anything. Wawa coffees are fucking HUGE!

If you finish that first Drew Magary piece and find this shit storm on Pixar more appealing; as in you believe that as far as sporswriting goes, there is a certain essential cultural awareness that the writer must present in order to most effectively communicate his subjective, arbitrary opinions,