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Today is a slow day, literally nothing has hit my proverbial desk that entitles a sole post. Here are some stories floating around that almost made the cut.

1. Philadelphia Eagles star wide receiver Desean Jackson raps on stage with Freeway in Lancaster, PA

Rappers want to be ballers, ballers want to be rappers. Desean Jackson has dabbled with rap before, having been featured on a Gillie Da Kid track with fellow Philly pro Lou Williams of the Sixers. Guess they rap better than Freeway can ball, just a healthy hypothesis.

2. Black Star rock the Bonnaroo house [Picture thread]

Black Star duo Talib Kweli & Mos Def aka Yasmin Bey reportedly put down a classic show at Bonnaroo this year. Check out a series of dope pictures from that set via G4Mikey. Man, do they look ancient.

3. Two different beefs were highlighted at the BET Awards red carpet interviews. Machine Gun Kelly commented on his bubbling feud with Yelawolf and A$AP Rocky went in on his former producer slash homie SpaceGhostPurrp. 

Memorable quote from A$AP: “F him, f— him, straight up. He’s one of those cats, like a lot of guys just hang around me, try to build hype, and when they dip off, start throwing dirt on the young on the blood”

Memorable quote from MGK: “I love him, man. You gotta respect your elders, and he’s an old man so I gotta give it up, I respect all grandpas around the world doin’ it big. Salute.”

4. The usually flamboyantly braggadocio 2 Chainz reveals overly simple album art for the upcoming Based On A T.R.U. Story

 The album is due for an August 14th release, rumored to have collaborations with Kanye West, Drake, Rick Ross, Ludacris, and your momma.

5. Coachella may be leaving Indio, threatens city that 2013 will be last show.

I’ve never gone, but people who have seem to be pretty torn up about this. I doubt it will leave California and may in fact move closer to Los Angeles which would be selfishly sweet. Check the Times for the story.


Brazilian Rapper X Brazilian Footballer [Emicida X Neymar]

When I think Brazil, I think soccer or futbol, that and beaches with scantily clad Brazilians. For big time soccer fans, watching the Brazilian league is secretly where it’s at, somewhat like watching games at Rucker Park for basketball fans. The league is full of fancy footwork and goals galore, a few stars as well. One said star is Neymar (yes, the one name thing is big there), known for his outstanding gamesmanship playing for the club team Santos (talk of him moving to Manchester United is buzzing right now), you may also recognize him from countless Nike commercials. As for the rapper, his name is Emicida, and has officially graduated to above ground status as of late, punctuated by his recent deal with Rockstar Games to fill out the Max Payne 3 soundtrack. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Diplo throw him some love, considering his love for Brazil and all. The video features Emicida showing why he’s all that in Brazil, and Neymar demonstrating his ability to karate chop his way out of situations that don’t involve a spotted ball. (Check out those spotted ball skills after the jump).

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Nas to the Nasty to the NFL (ZIF mock draft)

Mr Nasir Jones and Gary Clark Jr have been tapped to provide a portion of the soundtrack for ESPN’s coverage of the 2012 NFL draft this upcoming week (April 26th-28th). I knew Nas was an NFL fan, you can catch him rocking that Giants hat on the regular, however, he must be getting laced with some special pigskins, considering he seemed overly emboldened about the  corporate deal , quote: “It’s why we never miss a game, even a play. Props to the NFL and ESPN for keeping us hooked on professional football all year round.” Somebody’s been sipping the Madden juice. As for Gary Clark Jr, I can’t get past the fact that he reminds me of Cody Chestnutt, who by the way is making moves again. But all in all, it’s a typical selection for a conservative corporation, you choose a stalwart with a massive fan base (Nas) and one artist with an obvious trajectory to soon-to-be stardom (Gary Clark Jr), that’s called covering your bases, well done Mothership.

The following tracks (along with an upcoming Nas track called “Train) will be featured during highlight packages on draft days:

Gary Clark Jr. – Bright Lights Remix featuring Nas

ZIF mock draft (top 10 picks) after the jump.

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Magic buys the Dodgers, Flatbush Zombies get the paper

Purple in the blunt / Swisher be the paper, Mouth full of gold / I’m feeling like a Laker

Just when everyone thought that biggest story in sports was Bountygate, or perhaps Tebow in the Big Apple, Magic Johnson goes ahead and buys the Los Angeles Dodgers last night! Talk about an SEO wet dream for the Brooklyn-based trio, Flatbush Zombies, they just “leaked” a track titled “Laker Paper” this week,  and here it be:

Flatbush Zombies – Laker Paper (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)

The self-proclaimed smoking weed, snorting coke, and dropping acid aficionados have been creating uber buzz this year, with their video “Thug Waffle” (view after the jump) going viral as well as a successful take-down at SXSW. Everyone is always pulling for New York rappers, let’s hope that Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice and producer Erick Arc Elliot have what it takes to deliver in the long run. Just like the Dodgers, I will be crossing fingers and watching in the cut.

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ZIF Video Of The Week: Bart Scott: Can’t Wait!

I am a huge sports fan, and I try and keep that off ZIF, this is a music blog, lifestyle maybe, but not sports. But sometimes something will catch my eye that cannot be denied to the massess. I am not sure how many of you caught New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott in a post-game talk with ESPN’s Sal Palantonio, but if you didn’t click the damn video (above).

What I love about this video is that Scott is barely keeping it together with the amusement factor, a la a good SNL skit, his unbelievable performance on the field was overshadowed by his composure in this “tirade” on national television. Other thing’s I love about the interview, he calls out Tom Jackson and Keyshawn HARD, his reference to the New England defense’s inability to stop a nosebleed and he may have just started another one of those twitter/viral trends for a famous saying.


Kanye’s Power is Crazy

Kanye’s new album is finishing up, yay for you. Apparently he was having some trouble wrapping up the “Power” remix with Kobe Bryant, Kobe rolled thru a session that included Mos Def and Swizz Beats. Earlier in the day, Kanye mentioned that his impression of Swizz was simple: Swizz Beats is the greatest producer of all time!

Kanye’s also coming out with a new car that he engineered! Its design includes a flux capacitor capable of fueling the vehicle on hot air and bullshit!

Hey Rick Ross, Michael Jordan does not consider you a friend.

I’m not even sure that Michael Jordan knows who Rick Ross is. I mean it’s possible that Mike caught some of that beef with Fitty, there was enough random YouTube content to penetrate Mike’s life, maybe. But either way, this has to be one of the most illogical and unnesccesary statements from a rapper regarding athletes in God knows how long. I mean seriously, “Mike, we don’t need to hear that from you”. Rick, you can’t see your toes homie, I’m pretty sure that both Lebron and MJ would be down to never hear you utter their names in an interview again.

And for the record, Michael Jordan’s comments about the Lebron James saga? SPOT THE FUCK ON.

Princes and Vikings

There are about six-million ways I could start this post but I’m having trouble thinking of the most efficient. I guess I should begin by pointing out the fact that the Vikings primary color is purple and that the great Prince has been a purpophile for over two decades. The only conclusion I can logically think of to explain the two is divine intervention.

Prince allegedly “saw the future” when the Vikings beat the shit out of Dallas last week and wrote this tune the same night. I’m a huge Prince fan. In the age old CD-you’d-take-to-a-deserted-island convo, Purple Rain is definitely in the top five, but this song sounds like a Christian pop-rock band got drunk on communion wine and screwed a college marching band. Listen to the offspring here.

Decade in retrospect

This was a bad decade. It’s good to know it’s over. This doesn’t mean specific people didn’t ride high; perhaps it’s worth lauding their accomplishments in a series of lists that can be consulted as sorts of time-capsules. The boys in a band are not in love with the modern world, this is a good start; tragic love was running shit since Gwen Stefani crossed-over and somehow predicted it happening in her first music video with No Doubt, almost as if the whole thing was contrived from the get-go. PAUSE.

Are there really commercials in this shit? They’ll ruin any good thing with inundated bullshit, won’t they, these record execs? Even Lupe Fiasco fucking complains; it’s enough to drive any loving critic fucking loco! So if this decade is all about losses; then we can casually sift through the wreckage, like Japanese cockroaches with helmet-cams and try to make sense of the fact that we are being controlled like robots by those who continually sell us new technology to make our lives MORE than what we could on our own. This growth is a kind of cancer of the human body; not on that Non-Phixion tip “1975: they created AIDS inside a laboratory” it’s amazing how many people can get caught up in superstition. PAUSE

The rechargeable battery came to replace the middle man between you and your product, now it was just supposed to be the player’s designer and the energy company which owned all your shit. Renting became so fucking easy, borrowing for no apparent reason the norm for 10 years, and the landslide that came a tumblin’ down was somehow a surprise to a suddenly defunct, but not quite dysfunctional family that is the american empire; no capitals here, cause’ there’s nothing to celebrate. Amiri Baraka once asked Thelonius Monk, “what’s happenin’?” Monk replies, “Everything, at the same time.” PAUSE

Is that shit not HILARIOUS: ZIF exclusive thought: reshoot this document piece, but make it about AznAmerican ballers, specifically Taka Yasuzawa, the Takstar.

Arbitrary Web Award: The Ugliest Coaching Staff (with epithets)

Hey, Lawrence Frank, you went 0-16 leading the New Jersey Nets through one of the saddest spells since Sadat X was dropping dirty soundbombs in 1998-99. Everyone wants to make a big deal out of the fact that you started out your tenure 13-0; nobody is talking about the curse of Rafer Alston (more to come on this, sorry Skip, but you are the definition of an NBA also-ran). I’m here to tell you, on the way out, that you’ve got one more award coming your way. That’s right Lil’ Frank, you’ve composed the ugliest coaching staff in the short history of the NBA. Check out these mugs!

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Birds of Prey

birds of prey

Both of these guys come from cities whose football teams are named after birds……..dang, I guess I know nothing else about Seattle or Philadelphia; so much for my comparison as a lead-in. Nonetheless, Jake One and Freeway have joined talons (you like that?) for a mixtape dubbed The Beat Made Me Do It! .

Thanks to 2DopeBoyz for the link

Phillies State Of Mind

Game Over. Phillies in 6.

You have no idea how depriving it was to grow up a fan of Philadelphia sports teams. Well, perhaps you’ve witnessed a tree sloth being hunted, in that case, yes you can empathize with your average Philly sports fan. Until the Phillies took the World Series last year, the city of Philadelphia had not seen a world championship since the Sixers won the NBA Championship in 1983. Yours truly was a mere two years old. Oh yes, twas horrendous to root for the home team, so bad that Mac OSX had a widget called “The Cheesesteak of Suffering” which was a real-time clock counting the minutes and days that had gone by since that Sixers victory in ’83.

We ate it.

Thank god we took the World Series last year, I had been salivating and daydreaming about consuming that cheesesteak for nearly two decades. Now we’re back in the World Series for a consecutive year and will begin taking it to the Yankees on Wednesday night in the Bronx. That game will be kicked off by a performance of “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, how awfully NYC of them.  Jigga also stated the following prediction with some authority I may add:

“I’m gonna take the Yankees in seven … Dramatic A-Rod walk off at the end of the game, redeeming him for all the times the paper and media vilified him and… that’s specific enough?”

Ok that’s it. I’ve been defending Jay-Z’s apparent status as a Top 5 rapper of all time for way too long. Fuck it, Phillies in 5, Lee pitches two wins in the series, Alicia Key is a lesbian, and Jay-Z may not a Top 10 rapper. Philly stand up.