Happy 4:20, meet Singapore Kane under the bridge, chief’n

Nobody smokes like I smoke. You can ask Nate Dogg’s hologram about that. Which is why I’m proud to present the exclusive Singapore Kane drop on 4:20, find a bridge, smoke some trees, listen to this anthem and enjoy yourself, it’s Christmas.

Singapore Kane – Under The Bridge (Happy 4:20)

Mo Revolution, Mo Ozomatli

So here we go again. Consciousness is alive and well in hip hop, or at least the coolness factor around revolutionary speak has been re-upped. In this case we have another installment of the eclectic mash up of sound and politics that Ozomatli has been cramming out for the past 15 years. This will be Ozomatli’s 5th studio album and their first with Chali 2na since their debut in 1998. The album, just like the new Cypress Hill joint has an extremely external revolution-themed aura, and both will be released on April 20th, 4/20, how cute and culturally rebellious! Let’s get right into listening to the joint, who waits till albums drop, pfff.


It’s Only Paper

Gay Vatos In Love

I think that this album will stand out from the Cypress Hill album in purpose and execution. The political motivations of Ozomatli are without a doubt educated ones. Living in Los Angeles, their ability to pick up on the cacophony of sound and culture that emanates all over the place here, puts them in a unique position to deliver a one-of-a-kind product. The re-inclusion of Chali 2na without a doubt puts a marketable voice behind the sound and message that we have come to expect from Ozomatli. Touching on subjects ranging from homosexuality to material greed and wealth, Ozomatli has chosen to continue to do what they do best, represent L.A. in a globally mindful way.

That’s enough pre-drop hype for now, if you like the tracks, cop the album 4/20.

Festival Swag: The Lollipipe

Submit your piece and win this piece.

I love reggae festivals more than any other type of music festival. Apart from the endless clouds of green and some of the illest tunes on the planet, you get savage food and awesome vendors. The type of products one can find at a festival like Reggae Rising can not be predicted nor replicated, they’re like a traveling band of gypsies, hard to track down. This year I saw this product, The Lollipipe , which has only recently been introduced to the stoner world. Peep the video and see what you think. We’re giving one away to a reader who submits a 250 word or less piece on what weed means to this planet, shit, you can even take the negative side if you like. As long as it’s post worthy, you’ll get a free lollipipe…yummy!



Consistently making hardcore Christians, the DEA and other haters shit bricks, is San Francisco’s extemporaneous law-making methods. From gay-marriage to prostitution to the decriminalization of that sticky, SF loves to mock those whose intellects are too weak to see the practicality in these choices.
Annnnyway….This April 20th, Cypress Hill knew exactly where to get booked: San Francisco’s living legendary Fillmore. Grab tickets here.

Wiz! You Justify My Thug…

And he inhaled...

Blaze it up… Two joints a day, one blunt during lunch break, and a bong hit after dinner. If you smoke like I smoke, then you high like everyday. Wiz smokes like I smoke, and writes about it.  Over the years MC’s have oft chosen to pay homage to their favorite passtimes. Mystikal’s ” I Smell Smoke”, Pac’s ” High till I die”, and Outkast’s “Crumblin Herb” all come to mind. But one thing that has always irked me about 420 friendly songs is the mainstream appeal they tend to cater to. People who relate to Afroman’s “Because I got High” are usually connecting with an aspect of dro smoking that is stereotyical in nature. Think of the difference in stoner humor between the movie “How High” starring Meth and Red versus the humor in “Pineapple Express”. The latter had a lot more subjective humor, illustrating moments that happen for real when you blaze, unlike a Rottweiler flying out of your apartment window a la “Half Baked”.  So apparently not only is Wiz here to serve us with ill flow, but he’s also on a subconscious mission to educate. Peep the “Weed Roller” track on Star Power; designated chicken head that rolls your blunts to perfection? Where can I get me one of those? Woot?

Me too….

Where are you…. 

Tryna find a couple swishers…. thought I had a box but can’t remember….