Dark Time Sunshine Simplify Video Making

Because when the music speaks for itself, you don’t need more than a couch to make a music video. Dark Time Sunshine has been blipping our radar for the past year or so, Aesop for the past 15. But it’s Swamburger who’s got my favorite verse on this one, got that Mystikal spitfire flow that just demands an energetic reaction.

Good music right here.

Overall Grade: B+

The Ant Who Built The Humanthesizer

pimpin 101

There are many paths to the promised land that is a womans vulva. Most of these strategies are formalized during our high school years. For some, this involves pumping iron in the gym or being the first one to have a car. Others slang illicit drugs and perfect their expectoration of so-called ‘game’. But what about those quiet few geeky types in the front of all our classrooms? Whether they were science nerds or music geeks, they appeared to simply dismiss the importance of securing poon. Of course in hindsight this notion reeks of ignorance and self grandeur. Fact is, those kids were the ants, and we, well at least I, was the grasshopper.

The math geeks become billionaires, and the music nerds become electro DJ’s who are inexplicably granted the power to attract and pillage paramount derriere. One such example is this fine lad from Dumfries, Scotland, Calvin Harris. After securing some credibility lacing Kylie Minouge and Dizzee Rascal with production, Harris has turned his attention to two things, his own career and pulchritudinous women. Watch the ‘humanthesizer’ rendition of his hit single “Ready for the Weekend” (below). Then go get your least favorite jock friend, and show him what that dumb fry music kid with the funny accent ended up doing.

Peep the ‘Ready for the Weekend’ vid and Calvin’s track with Dizzee “Dance wiv Me” after the jump

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