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1. The first video off the Nas album will be “Bye Baby”, as you can see from the tweet from Tyler The Creator, lots of people considered this their favorite track off the Life Is Good album. Personally, I thought Nas let his feelings about Kelis shape that album way too much, this track included. Certainly listenable though, and the video is likely to be fire.

2. So it’s #TDEFanAppreciationWeek , as in Top Dawg Entertainment home of LA spitters (Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul). The plan has been to relase new music all week long from the Black Hippies, yesterday was Jay Rock’s turn, YOLA!

Be sure to keep that hashtag handy for new TDE material this week.

3. Azealia Banks recently had a photoshoot with UK magazine Dazed & Confused for their September cover. Apparently the pictures were too racy for some, six countries banned the cover. Click the cover to see more “racy” photos.

4. Toronto based rapper K’Naan is known for his global awareness and Somalian roots. His content is extrememly conscious and his poetic flow has been praised for its ability to penetrate mainstream sound, i.e. he gets radio love even though he’s more spoken word than trap rap. In true form, he will be putting out a 32-page, full-colour book, which also has a brief history of the Somalian conflict. K’Naan says “I wanted to write a children’s story that reflects the new immigrant’s sense of family and identity, which can sometimes be lost in translation. In this book, the main character is Wavin’ Flag, a song whose ownership has been long claimed by children all over the world”

5. Rumors finally became fact when Lady Gaga announced that her and Kendrick Lamar had cut a track together titled “Partynaseous”. Considering he just released “Swimming Pools” a track breaking down the dark side of heavy drinking, I am postulating that this will be something in that vein. MTV reported that the track is about “Jakarta”, whatever the hell that means, Indonesia? Gaga enticed Kendrick to talk a little about it on Twitter today. The track is due for release next month. (Good luck protecting that from a leak)

Beats, Rhymes, Life

1.  UK based youth Charli XCX is following the Jai Paul formula, foregoing an album and releasing just a few singles a year and focusing on marketing them hard. This one gets remixed and features OFWGTA’s The Internet.

2. Ghanaian wonder duo the Fokn Bois have been pinching hearts and minds in Europe as well as their native Ghana. Hopefully the visa issues get resolved and they finally can touch down on US soil. If there are two harder working men in the scene then these two, I am yet to be introduced. The new video continues a rich tradition of shooting unique aesthetics while keeping things lighthearted.

3. Some dogmatic website released their list of The 20 Richest Rappers Alive Today, you may find the results (below) predictable for the most part. Surprises for me included Rick Ross only being worth a quarter, T-Pain being tied with T.I., and that Master P is ranked #3 with a net worth of 350 million, beating out the likes of Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. Ice cream sells!

#20 Rick Ross – Net Worth $25 Million
#19 Tie between T-Pain and T.I – Net Worth $30 Million
#18 Nelly – Net Worth $55 Million
#17 Busta Rhymes – Net Worth $60 Million
#16 Ludacris – Net Worth $65 Million
#15 Beastie Boys – Net Worth $75 Million Each
#14 Timbaland – Net Worth $75 Million
#13 Pharrell Williams – Net Worth $77.5 Million
#12 Tie between LL Cool J and Akon – Net Worth $80 Million
#11 Kanye West – Net Worth $90 Million
#10 Lil Wayne – Net Worth $95 Million
#9 Ice Cube – Net Worth $100 Million
#8 Snoop Dogg – Net Worth $110 Million
#7 Birdman – Net Worth $115 Million
#6 Eminem – Net Worth $120 Million
#5 50 Cent – Net Worth $250 Million
#4 Dr. Dre – Net Worth $260 Million
#3 Master P – Net Worth $350 Million
#2 Jay-Z – Net Worth $475 Million
#1 Diddy – Net Worth $500 Million

4. For those wondering how many ways we can connect the Olympic Games to hip hop, here’s a pretty legit bond. Everyone knows about Ryan Lochte right? Anyways, he’s an Olympic swimmer for the US that has already retrieved some gold. Upon being given the chance to show off his medal for photogs, he was sure to include his custom-made grill from hip hop artist and impresario Paul Wall. Wall is famous for his custom grill business and apparently laced Ryan with 4 of them, apparently the one he showed off with the gold medal is worth a cool 25k.

5. The contest that turned into a viral joke finally turned into Pitbull visiting and performing at a Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska. The campaign was originally designed to market an energy strip for Walmart but quickly turned into a wonderfully consolidated effort by “fans” to “exile” him to the farthest Walmart possible. Much to the chagrin of residents of Kodiak, Alaska. Unfortunately there were no messy bear spray incidents.

Beats, Rhymes, Life

1. REK’s new video “Bang Bang”

I saw Wale talking about how that MMG promo video was like a “movie”. Nah homie, this dope REKS video is “like a movie”, REBULUTIONARY the album came out today. Cop it.

2. The Dogg becomes a Lion

Snoop hasn’t made a relevant hip hop track in almost half a decade, teaming up with Diplo makes sense, he’s a master of making anything sound playable with the right Lazer sounds.

3. Twits: Danny Brown cops a date with a porn star

Rappers love Twitter for this kind of shit. Regardless if that “date” happens, fans on both sides imagine all sorts of fantastical things about their respective idols. Note toKristina Rose fans, don’t idolize.

4. Gay rap is not a genre.

Yes, Le1f is a gay rapper, but like he says “I’m proud to be called a gay rapper, but it’s not gay rap. That’s not a genre.” Then what’s all the recent fuss slash buzz about? Here’s the video that got things started.

5. Ice-T is not the NRA, but they might like what he has to say about guns.

Oh Ice, always trying to push the envelope.

Red Bull and Beats

Looks very artsy, apart from that corporate logo of course

Usually I find these free corporate sponsored compilation CD’s corny and lackluster, but this Red Bull beats thing is awfully viral, therefore, I downloaded. These beats were compiled from a beat competition in London I believe by a DJ called JayHats, think Nosaj Thing if he looked like one of the dudes from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Most of these beats were composed by extremely unknown producers in the UK, so in theory the next Glitch/Electro wiz kid may popping a cherry on this mix. I find it highly unlikely that is the case, however there is Nosaj Thing as impossible when it comes to a talent search.

Red Bull is putting forth the exact same campaign in the United States, thankfully our beats are a little more hip hop focused. Peep the video below, or submit your ‘banger’, it’s whatever man.

By the way my pick for this mix is track 14 by FS Green titled ‘HEmawfuckinMAN‘, for those of you old enough, the sample will bring back childhood memories of Sunday mornings.

MPFREE: Beat Battle At The Rooms of Red Bull : The Afterthought