Blackstar, the soccer squad, not the group, but it is a song by rappers.

ZIF featured artist M.anifest dropped this video off in my inbox. The 8-bit look of the video is paralleled with a familiar theme from the African emcee, that being Ghana. This track will be featured on Producer/DJ Richy Pitch‘s upcoming LP, “Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch”. The album will be released on famed record label BBE. Richy Pitch spent a good chunk of the last 2 years in Ghana and assembled an all-star all-Ghanaian cast for this LP (June Release). The album will feature some of Ghana’s finest contemporary music stars such as: Reggie Rockstone, Samini, M.anifest, M3NSA, Wanlov the Kubolor, Yasmeen, Sena, AB, DJ Black and Kwesi Dankwa. Richy Pitch first made his name back in 1996 as resident DJ at the legendary London Hip Hop club night Scratch. He has recorded and produced music in the US with heralded emcees such as J-Live, El da Sensei, Mr Complex, Asheru and Apani B where he recorded his critically acclaimed Live at Home LP on the New York label Sevenheads.

Is it just me, or are cats from Ghana taking over hip hop right now?


Mos Def is “of, pertaining to, or characterized by ecstasy?”


Voted Most likely Caddy to make the Tour

Voted Most likely Caddy to make the Tour

Not sure what he’s got to be so ecstatic about considering last time I saw him was live at the Ecko festival in Toronto in 07 getting straight harrassed by T-Dot thuggies, but Mos Def announced that his album “Ecstatic” will be dropping this summer, looks like June 30. After what apparently was a three year absence from the scene, Mos Def’s new album will feature production by Dilla (somehow), Yeezy, Madlib and his younger bro Oh No. Slick Rick will be guest starring, and of course Talib makes the mandatory contribution for his Blackstar patna. Peep the live performance at Seattle’s Moore Theater of one of the featured songs on the upcoming album , “Super Magic.”

MPFREEEE (a hard one to find): Mos Def- Auditorium

BTW, only cocky ignoramuses and Dancehall artists RELOAD like that…