MGK, not your average Chip Off The Block

New track from MGK, nothing average about it, barring the literal title. Per MGK steez, this track is high energy like Red Bull, and diverse like my personal bullpen. Big Ups to ZIF’s favorite rapper out the Mid-West.

Machine Gun Kelly – Chip Off The Block


MGK: The Cleveland Lava Spitter

As promised, here is the Machine Gun Kelly X Mr Peter Parker DJ E-V mixtape drop. Download it here.

100 Words and Running

Like That

Turnt Up featuring Travis Porter

100 Words And Running (Out of A Machine Gun)

Ah, Machine Gun Kelly, tis been a while since we’ve delved into the Cleveland spitters world. For those of you who may have jumped on the ZIF bandwagon a little late, you should go peep that interview we did with Kells, because that was hot lava. You show me a better rapper from the Midwest, and I’ll show you my 14 inch cock (flaccid). This time MGK has teamed up with Mr. Peter Parker and Dj E-V, aptly dropping a mixtape titled, 100 Words And Running. Here’s betting the mixtape (dropping tomorrow here on the Zebreezy among other places) will feature more than a 100 words, and most of you will end up running to tell your friends you found the next Eminem. Of course, you’d be terribly wrong, Kells is no Eminem, think faster, hungrier, and prettier (no homo), that’s the Machine Gun Kid. Ah, fuck it, watch the promo and come back tomorrow to download the tape. Peace.