Smoke & Mirrors

It looks like Cruel Summer brought some eclectic cats together. I always believed that when Clipse had their content on point, it was hard to find a better rap tandem. Taking on this conscious message over a classic !llMind track is certainly not the typcial way to the top in 2013, give them some credit for that. After producing “The Morning” off the compilation and now this track with Re-Up, it’s apparent !llmind is going to continue to make G.O.O.D. music.

Pigs Fly? Dodo Bird Omelets? Jamaican Hip Hop?

Quick note, we’re not posting anything #CruelSummer related, I’ve decided to maintain my dignity, Kanye will invade your life via other means. Now how about this kid Nomad Carlos? I was intrigued when I read the subject line in my inbox: “Jamaican hip hop”. Now, for the most part artists coming out of Kingston have been of the dancehall/reggae/ variety.  The few that have tried to claim hip hop status are often in disguise and usually spit some drivel over dancehall beats in a desperate effort to obtain new market coverage in the States (see Sizzla’s disastrous attempt at rapping, thanks Dame Dash). Nomad clearly is of the hip hop mold, almost too familiar, it was hard to tell he wasn’t just another emcee out of New York. However, his content is throwback material, reminds me of a time when we were satiated by simple rhymes and stripped down boom bap beats. In an off the cuff way, he reminds me of one of my favorite acts from childhood, Born Jamericans. His claim aka his track title is a bold one, but at least there’s no denying this is Jamaican hip hop. Bashy!

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