Yo Lebronda! Too Many Urkels On Your Team, That’s Why Your Wins Low

Catch that “game” last night? Yeah, neither did the Heat. It’s funny that I thought my own personal hate for the Miami Heat, WAS in fact personal. Of course it wasn’t , and here is a great picture thread showing the creative extent of the Miami Heat hatred. In other hip hop/Dallas Mavericks news, Birdman lost a cool 2 million bucks on the Heat series, and Dallas rapper Dorrough looks like he want to parlay this franchise success into a franchise of his own.

Man I really can’t stand that team. Here is one more little dig, Deshawn Stevenson (Mavericks guard) wore a t-shirt to an after party yesterday, it had a pun, for those of you who can’t read the blurry TMZ pic, it says:

Hey Lebron! How’s My Dirk Taste?

Man I love a good pun. Somewhere out there Souljah Boy is reminding anyone who will listen that Deshawn Stevenson is his boy. In that same breath, somewhere out there Jay-Z is sleeping peacefully, resting his head on the lap of a goddess. The world goes on…