Poetic Justice


I don’t know what’s more disturbing, the fact that Drake was tagged to feature on this track, or the fact that fans think he “saved” this song (see comments on YouTube). The difference between these two artists is epitomized by the visuals they were associated with in this video. Drake, in a hotel room with a big booty call on the bed, Kendrick Lamar, appearing as a shot up corpse laying on top of his dead girlfriend. Skirt steak and filet mignon.

Overall Grade: B-

A$AP has problems I want, Noisey does not.

I find it disturbing that this video was released with the headline, “Is A$AP Rocky Gonna Blow Up Next Year” via Noisey/Vice. Get over yourselves guys. A$AP “blew up” more than I think he or anybody else in his camp could have imagined this year. What exactly are you hoping for? How about a tour with his name on it talking about how great it would be for his music to be consumed forever? Oh, wait. How about a track and video with a Caucasian female crooner who dominated airplay this year? Oh, wait. Their post is filled with illustrious descriptions about the track as well, stuff like:

the “Fuckin’ Problems” video is really good and Drake’s part is the best even though the rest of it is really good too..

Ugh, no the Drake part is not the best part. And how’s your fascination with the word “good” doing guys?

Or this gem about the track “Goldie”

its accompanying video that featured Rocky and his dude A$AP Yams stunting in front of the Eiffel Tower, should have been the one to push him over the edge and into ubiquity. But it didn’t, and it sucks.

If the hip hop heads at Noisey/VICE are the defining the “edge”, someone find me the bland interior, lickety-split .

My sister thinks he is overrated…

…but he is one of my favorite new rappers, coming up and getting respect: Kendrick Lamar. So I was wondering what kind of F**cking Problems K.dot had.
To be fair, I only listened to this track once.

But when you listen to this song, if you listen really close, with like, your third ear (similar to your third eye, but located inside of your brain)…you can hear in the background chicks singing on the chorus & throughout, “dirty dicks, dirty dicks, dirty dicks.” This song & songs like it just make me think of disease these days. My face was in a tight ball signaling yucky disgust the entire time. If you have a f**cking problem, you probably also have a problem with your dick dripping (not pee) every once in a while and those are NOT the kind of problems you want women thinking of when you are some dude rapping on a track, right?

Can’t imagine liking the A$AP version better, but who knows.

xoxo – Lady T

Ellie Goulding Loves The Weeknd, Xaphoon Too

Everybody is hype about this upcoming album from The Weeknd titled House of Balloons. Apparently that would include one half of Chiddy Bang duo Xaphoon Jones and British songstress Ellie Goulding, tell me the cover of this first track off The Weeknd album isn’t absolutely succulent, and I’ll show you where you can stuff your next thought. Shoutout to Yvette on putting me on this one.

Do The Right Thing!

Bun B – Put It Down (feat. Drake)

Drake, the virtual nobody who became somebody. By the time Drake dropped So Far So Gone, you can say that he was on a Degrassi “High”, but had not yet peaked. So when Bun B dropped a killer verse on his track “Uptown” for the LP, that was a neccessary and fundamental gesture by the rap legend. Not everyday where a virtual unknown gets endorsed by the trillest emcee in the game. Now we got Bun B dropping Trill O.G. tommorow, and I’m proud to say that Drake returned the favor. Course when it comes to Drizzy that means hook duty, leave those legendary verses to the spitters.

Paying your dues is arduous. Returning favors is Trill.

Eminem. Still Capable.

Certainly been a while since we threw up an Eminem post. A lot of people ask me what happened to certain artists, usually with a tone indicating they’re sure they must have fallen off, or else they would know all about it. Well, Eminem hasn’t fallen off, what he’s done is, drill down to the core of the business and he’s stayed there. Is that rapper Eminem dead? Yes, in all pragmatic senses of his rap career, he’s pulled a Tazmanian Tiger, or Dodo bird if you prefer. But there is most assuredly an art in being a businessman, and in that sense of the word, Eminem is more than capable, he’s an artist.

Good freestyle fo sho.

Eminem-Despicable Freestyle

Juno What? Drake just killed himself. Proverbially.

You know how many times I’ve had to defend my appreciation of Drake as an emcee? Too many to count son, that’s how many! I’m that guy saying Drizzy needs to leave Young Money, find a label that will let him be a true lyricist, as he’s demonstrated on “Scriptures“, or even take his commercial platform to more comfortable heights, as his swagger suggests on “Over“.  But no, no more endless support from moi. I appreciate the effort to show your Canadian pride at the Juno’s, but being the sidekick for Justin Bieber’s performance? Nah homie, we done, like badly cooked steak.

Friday Free Joints

Download: Drake – Over [prod. by Boi 1da]

Download: Fabolous ft Nicki Minaj – For The money

Download: Ill Bill ft. Crooked I – Murdered [prod by Blue Sky Black Death]

Download: Jay Rock ft. Rick Ross – Finest Hour [prod by J-U-S-T-I-C-E League]

Download: Joe Budden ft. Royce Da 5′ 9 – New York Jersey Philly

The First 48. Murder. Bars. Sammy G.

Sammy G just left the studio. He dropped off this remix of Drake’s King Leon, hands down, it’s the illest I’ve heard an MC in a while. Pure sewage. Filth with death and malice all mixed in a cauldron made of baby souls. Peep and enjoy. And please don’t tell me that Drake even came close on his version of this track, that, was literally garbage.

Download: Sammy G – The First 48

Drake’s New Shit Don’t Stink

I recall a few different moments when I came across Drake’s material early in his career, certainly pre-Weezy. First of all, it was difficult to put aside the fact that I recognized him from Canadian TV, his now infamous role on Degrassi, as I found out, many people down in the States also peeped Degrassi, and thus, shared the same preconceived notions I had. However, Drake seemed to be on some different shit, certainly a different sound from the stable of T-Dot rappers that had the rap game on lock in Toronto. But more impressive than his sound, was his visible awareness of the industry and what it takes to entertain. When he linked up with Lil Wayne and Young Money I figured that was the end of what could have been a reasonable Toronto MC making it. Boy, was I wrong about that one eh?

What I like about Drake is his ability to absolutely murder 16 bars when he’s not being finagled by the YM camp. Have you heard his verses on Scriptures? Anyways, this new shit is some dope ass stank. Check it.

Download: Drake – My New Shit

Friday Free Joints

Capone-N-Noreaga-Exhibit CNN

Drake – Zone [Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]

Papoose – Glock Busta

Raekwon feat. AZ – Blood Missiles

Royce Da 5’9- Go Hard (Feat._Kid_Vishis)

Statik Selektah-Do It To Death(Feat. Lil’ Fame, Havoc, And Kool G Rap) [Prod. By Statik Selektah]

Will You Settle for 80% of All Girls?


Look, Young Money, there are a lot of really pretty girls in the world–lots of them. But, you have to admit that your said-sexual conquest is a tad bit irrational, every single girl in the world?

San Francisco rapper A1 has reworked Young Money’s declaration to make it just a touch more pragmatic. Also, if you’re in the San Francisco-area on October 22nd, be sure to peep him at the Blue Macaw, on Mission between 21st and 22nd.

Download “Not Every Girl!”

A-1-“Not Every Girl!”

Friday Free Joints

Smoke em if you got em


Wiz Khalifa – This Plane

Lupe Fiasco – Solar Midnite

Cormega ft. Lil Fame – Get It In

Snoop Dogg – Protocol

Drake ft. Birdman – More Milli (Prod. by Boi-1Da)

Tyga ft. Gata – Space Joyridin

Ron Contour – Damage

I have seen you in the movies

When I think about Canada, music and intelligent thought, my thoughts turn to Neil Young*.

*The verse chords to Ambulance Blues are Bert Jansch’s “Needle Of Death” transposed down a whole step (rather than playing C-FMaj7-Am-G7, you would hit Bb-EbMaj7-Gm-F7), the song that supposedly directly inspired the NY penned “Needle and the Damage Done”). A Studio version of this can be found on the out of print “On The Beach”

When I think about half-ass freestyles, Drake might be first up: