West Africa Doesn’t Need 50 Cent. They Already Have Macho Rapper.

For those of you unaware, African rap has come to the party, someone go tell Elvis so he can steal this shit. I’m working with my homie Nana-Kofi over at ASPECKS on some business, and I brought up the question, what do they listen to in Africa?  Now, Nana-Kofi is from Ghana (in England now) and therefore, could only speak definitively on his native land. To be frank, I asked the question and followed quickly with a suggestion, “they must listen to Fitty?”. Nope, not really. He said that they listen to local stuff, I must have sounded quite incredulous,  because he quickly told me that he would send me some links and in one of them was this video by Macho Rapper. The song is rapped in a combination of Pidgin English and Twi (the language spoken by Ashanti people, frequently spoken in Ghana). What I like about this sound/video is the sheer gulliness of it all, it’s screams ‘genuine’ and the language and cultural novelty of it all remind me a lot of Die Antwoord‘s appeal. Another thing that Macho has going for him is his own vernacular, one that he calls ‘Da Boorisis’, as he puts it:

Basically, am always talking about myself because am bringing new style in the game, it’s all about boorisis. Boorisis simple means the fusion of my image   and my music, am actually selling my image and the music, some might like my image not the music and some might my music and not my image

When he’s not rapping he spends time working on his physique, he runs his own gym and moonlights as a bouncer. When you’re built like that and spit flames in Pidgin, who needs Fitty? The movement there is called ‘hip life’, eerily synonymous to the whole Zef life thing. I’m very intrigued with this genre, one that I’m trying to wrap my head around it more to share with you people’s, but not too much, shit, who remembers the guy who first wrote about Die Antwoord, yeah, exactly.

P.S. Twitter search “Macho Rapper”, you get some hilarious posts.


Ghana Live [Artist Submission]

ZIF affiliate M.anifest is back in his homeland, Ghana. Here’s a video recap of week 1 and a track that the cut the same week.

M.anifest – Live From Ghana [Produced by DJ Juls (Ghana)]

I’m hoping to do a song with every video recap of this trip we’re taking to film for “We Rock Long Distance” documentary – M.anifest The MC