Blog Love (Shit’s Easy)


Disclaimer, this may be the worst song we’ve ever posted (probably not, but up there). When sitting down with an aspiring artist, discussions often revolve around logistical problems, one such obstacle seems to be ‘getting out there’. What concepts are going to make them distinct enough to get some attention among the masses? Here’s an idea, pick a holiday, make a track about it. I recall sitting down with Singapore Kane and telling him that putting out a MLK tribute track on MLK Day would be a good look, especially in a SEO sense. Well, kudos to artist, Nyemiah Supreme, your track about dismissing love just got some, see, shit’s easy son.

Oh, and I don’t mean to utterly dismiss this artist, I listened to some other material, and frankly some of her tracks sound eerily like Azealia Banks, that’s good, right?

Netta Brielle – Love, Pain, & Music [Review]

Although Hip-Hop and R&B have an inseparable connection to each other, it’s interesting to note the differences in how acts from each genre are talked about, presented, and judged. One of the biggest distinctions that I’ve noticed over the past few years is that in Hip-Hop, for better or worse, MC’s and producers can never escape from having a public identity that is attached to the region from which they came from. Despite doing music for Nas, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Eminem, Young Buck, Scarface, Big Pun, Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, Devin The Dude and tons of other people from all over the country, Dr. Dre will always be considered a West Coast producer with a West Coast sound. It doesn’t matter what he does musically anymore, that’s just how he will forever be perceived. The same can be said for the above MC’s: despite working with producers and rappers from every coast, everything Jay-Z does is New York from top to bottom. It’ll never change, that’s just part of his identity. Yet that is not the case for R&B singers. Nobody has ever accused Beyoncé or Usher of having a Texas sound to their music. Personally, I think that a lot of this is due to the fact that rappers endlessly talk about where they’re from in their music, but unless your Alicia Keys singing a hook on a Jay-Z track, singers don’t really sing specifically about their home towns. In my opinion, this gives them a more universal appeal that has allowed artists like Mary J Blige to blow up across the world (she doesn’t have a single album or song title that mentions New York).

Not surprisingly this same phenomenon exists in The Bay. While our rap is so oriented specifically to where we’re from, and often times people in Northern California are fans of mediocre MC’s solely due to the fact that they rep the Bay hell of hard, there doesn’t seem to be any regional pride attached to our singers. As a result often times it is completely over looked that the Bay Area has had and continues to have a thriving R&B scene that has garnered millions of fans world wide. Most people (some even in The Bay Area) have no idea that En Vogue, Tony! Toni! Toné! (and thus Raphael Saadiq), or more recently Keyshia Cole and Goapele, are all from Oakland. This is largely because for the most part they don’t mention where they are from in their music, which has kept them from being put in that “Bay Area” box.

I’m not 100% sure how I feel about this issue. On the one hand I take genuine pride in where I’m from, and I love to see talented people do the same, but on the other I think undying loyalty to our region is pretty uninteresting and not relatable to the rest of the country/world, and therefore is a large reason why truly talented rappers never make it out of the Bay. I guess for me, if you’re from the same general vicinity as I am, and you are genuinely talented, I’m going to rep you whether you rep our home or not.

That ridiculously wordy introduction is relevant, because today I’m writing about Netta Brielle’s newest mixtape Love, Pain, & Music, which she is giving away for free at her bandcamp page: For those not in the know, Netta is a bay area R&B singer that balances her universal appeal and the influence of where she’s from better than most. While you won’t hear her belting out odes to her home town of Berkeley, she does utilize the talents of many of the best local producers The Bay has to offer including: Traxamillion, Bedrock, and Money Alwayz, and you will find her doing remixes to local favorites like The Jacka’s Traxamillion produced hit “Glamorous Lifestyle”, singing hooks for local MC’s like Oakland’s Fly Street Gang, playing the lead role in Erk Tha Jerk’s video for “The Perfect Mistake” , and doing a grip of shows at local venues like The New Parish. That balance, matched with her exceptional voice, if combined with a drive to get her music heard throughout the country, could make her one of the only bay area R&B singers to break into the mainstream yet still be repped to the fullest at home.

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That Sweet That Nasty That Gushy Stuff

You know that point of the night when you’re in a lonely bar and there’s about half-an-hour before closing time, and consequently, the time is prime for locking down a nightlong partner to participate in carnal lust with? Well come Valentines Day-eve, that final-1/2 hour zeitgeist is going to be oozing through the air all night long at Get Your Heart On, which features the great MC/porn guru Kool Keith, a DJ set by Fatlip and the always lovely Lady Tigra. Tickets–the last time I checked–were mad cheap and it’s at some cutty downtown L.A. spot (better for nasty scenarios).

P.S. even if the lineup was garbage, I’d still post this ish because of the heart between the girl’s legs, on the flier.

ZIF Video Of The Week: Sade – Soldier of Love

Sade is single-handedly responsible for at least 18% of the baby-making that has occurred over the last two decades. This new video is off the Soldier of Love album, her first studio album since the year 2000! Much has changed in the past decade, eliciting more reason to pay heed to her upcoming album. However, I have a feeling one thing is going to stay the same about Sade’s music, it’s going to continue to help procreate this increasingly stressful planet. Here’s to sex.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Putting Your Best Tweet Forward

Pump me up.

Twitter has become a public social forum for dogging on cats. An abundace of tweets have surfaced this year revealing all sorts of speculative drama. Previous ‘dramasodes’ include the Joe Budden/Tahiry break-up, Rihanna and Chris Brown going back and forth, Asher Roth making racist comments, and now we have Saigon pouring his heart out on Twitter to a video chick. Basically Saigon was on a video shoot with this model called Renee Divine who refused to give him her phone number. Saigon was for lack of a better word, floored. Evidently he was unable to keep his emoticons in his pants and went a little hipster boyfriend steez on the bewildered video damsel on Twitter. Check the excerpt of Saigon with his hand all over his tweet:

Renee Divine: THEN @ THEONLYSAIGON WRITES: “See all this could be avoided if we just spoke on the phone.. 8452901403 … You won… Now”

Saigon: @ReneeDivine hahaha, thats not my number, I wouldnt give U my number remember…. Thats an office phone, not even a cell dear…


Scope the wonderful image thread of Ms Renee Divine below, and you can catch the entire transcript of the twit war between these too right here.

Had to crop dem feet

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Love is “The Dream”


New Dream ft Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Rick Ross & Ludacris “Rockin that Thang Remix” 

The Dream ft. Mariah Carey – My Love (Official Video)


Follow The Dream

Catch him live in Hollywood this Thursday, FREE MySpace Release Show @ AREA Night Club (LA)

1643 La Cienega, Hollywood, California 90023  ( First 300 are free!) LionStarr not guaranteed to make appearance.

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Hecka Romantic, Son


Zebra is Food contributor Paul “PeD” Glanting is making moves, son! He’s even dug deep below the ferocious exterior of his carnivorous lion soul to find his sensitive side and plan a date for the love lorn. Read the preview below then peep the rest by following the link.

Dear 6-foot viking-queen, bronze-skinned-bohemian, feline-eyed tiger goddess, hapa-pua,

Everybody in this cafe seems to have something really important to attend to: taxes, novel writing, a meeting with a “client”, etc. I too, have something, which needs to be handled, preferably hastily. I swear I do. As for you, although you’re at your small table alone, without any delicately filed papers and you aren’t filling the air with rapid typewriter clicks, your knee-high purple boots (AKA [r-e-s-p-e-c-t]-me-boots) indicate that you’re fully cognitive and unafraid of your femininity yet, these vertical trunks of leather reveal not a speck of your flesh, indicating that there are parts of your XY chromosomes, which you want to keep private. I respect that. All of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to come off as Pepé Le Pew but I do feel that petite femme skunk needs to be pursued and earned. I’m sure you have something–perhaps many things–which are pressing to do in this cafe, in this lifetime, so I’ll try and be brief. (CONTINUE INTO THE TUNNEL OF LOVE AND READ FULL ARTICLE HERE).

A tribute to the OG’s…and the New G’s

Zebra is Food has enjoyed overwhelming success in it’s infancy. Our hit stats took a big jump recently.  The daily average doubled pretty much overnight and has remained steady since then. Much love to you all out there spreading the word and spreading the love. Like any true relationship it is impossible for us to communicate the true scope of the appreciation we have for you all making us feel like such a success so early on. Special big ups to PeD and Jake…the masterminds of it all.

And I want to give props to the original bloggers, doin’ it for love and not for the money, with a video that dates back to a month before my birth.  idoarchaeologistworkson