M.anifest, Suffer, Remix

It’s been a good week on the Serengeti, plenty of herd animals grazing, I’ve been lucky enough to bag a few in my weekly hunt. Today’s catch comes from ZIF staple, M.anifest, actually it’s a remix of a track called “Suffer” which we showcased in April.

M.anifest – Suffer (M3NSA Remix)

Ghana is currently blowing up music wise, although that’s somewhat on the low (so don’t go Google search “Ghana music” and expect to understand). Specifically the rise of M.anifest(Minneapolis), M3nsaRocky Dawuni (Los Angeles), and home stay talent like Macho Rapper have all been featured recently on ZIF. Something about West Africa…roots?

Ghana Live [Artist Submission]

ZIF affiliate M.anifest is back in his homeland, Ghana. Here’s a video recap of week 1 and a track that the cut the same week.

M.anifest – Live From Ghana [Produced by DJ Juls (Ghana)]

I’m hoping to do a song with every video recap of this trip we’re taking to film for “We Rock Long Distance” documentary – M.anifest The MC