Friday Poet: B.A.N.G

Eat your heart out Saul Williams.

Born. Alive. I make Noise. then I’m Gone = B.A.N.G. 


Go Bing, Spelling Errors

Badness is finally getting some legit cameras behind his video shoots. Unfortunately the post-production editor is a bit spastic. How are you going to spell my man’s name as “Bandness”? That’s some 4th grade error shit, Mr. Imanjie, fire that fool.

M.ANIFEST Shows Us His History

Ghana born and Twin Cities Resident M.anifest, released a single, Sankofa (my history), today on itunes and other digital outlets. The artist himself aptly describes the song as “a subjective soundtrack for black history month that details a bit of my personal journey and thoughts on reclaiming the past to move forward.” Sankofa, produced by Sebmaestria (France) is available for 99cents online on itunes, amazon, and other digital retail outlets.

Being Black History Month and all, you will begin to see a plethora of artistic tributes. Rather than point out all the hypocrisy that comes with a tribute, I’d rather show you a track from a cat who has something to say about being black. Hell, African to be specific. My boy M.anifest e-dropped this track late last night, and it’s Sankofa!

M.anifest – Sankofa (My History)

Cop the track on Itunes right here. It’s a buck for Chrissakes, man up!

Statik, I Selektah

Another banging track from Boston’s finest producer, this track is off the new The Pre-Game EP. The disc is littered with hot beats and compatible flows, though I would have preferred to see some more Boston MC prowess. Where’s the Singapore Kane track? EDO G? Nevertheless, the production is outstanding, Statik is one of the best beat makers in hip hop right now. You can cop the EP on ITUNES.

Statik Selektah – I’m Wit It (Showoff remix) feat. Talib Kweli & Cory Mo

Mind The Leak: M.anifest – Playback Music


Had me a sit down with M.anifest this past weekend and took the opportunity to get the inside scoop on Ghana, Minneapolis hip hop, and his current come up. Look out for that interview later on this week, in the meantime M.anifest hooked us up with this exclusive track to “leak”. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take this over that Maybach crap any day. Sorry Ricky, don’t hurt me!

M.anifest – Playback Music