Freddie From Gary Talking About Mike From Gary

Freddie Gibbs is from Gary, Indiana, so was the Jackson Family. When I first heard Gibbs, he was in the business of constantly referring to his Gary roots despite his displacement to the City of Angels. I wondered if he was in a perpetual state of internal strife, battling the unrealistic bar that had been set by the Jackson clan decades ago. I pictured him bumping  MJ in his ipod holding a sign saying “Hollywood or Bust” at the local Greyhound station in Gary. Then of course I got swept away by his music, for the record, I deem him to be the most underrated rapper (currently unsigned) with major label appeal out there. His smooth voice is paralleled by his effortless flow pattern which is laced with precision lyrical content. I’ve said this before, but Freddie Gibbs is the quintessential “your rapper’s favorite rapper”, he’s so on point, you’ll forget that he came from a small town in the Midwest famous for birthing Michael Jackson….until now…

Romanians never heard of Sa-Fire

Scandal or Yawn?

So this is it? Pop fans will forever be relegated to posthumous Michael Jackson, no new shit, no more unknown. Producers will be forced to hit the empty Jackson studio and thumb through previously recorded tracks, so-called ‘previously unreleased’ songs. The posthumous effect has propelled the CD sales of mega artists in the past, Tupac, Biggie, and Kurt Cobain being popular examples. Considering the mania surrounding Jackson, one can only imagine the effect his premature death will have on future record sales. We shall get our first glimpse of Jackson’s posthumous career when the soundtrack and filmThis Is It” is dropped later this month. Today, let us take a peek at the lead single off the soundtrack.

Michael Jackson – This Is It

Apparently this track was written by MJ and Paul Anka over two decades ago. It was originally tabbed for Anka, but he quickly lost interest and it fell into the lap of rising Puerto Rican R& B star Sa-Fire. Now it’s Mike’s track, and it’s being used to promote the most considerable major record label album drop in a decade. Personally I like the track, I’m especially impressed by the ability for Mike to keep this track contemporary in feel and sound. Regardless of the musical merit of this upcoming album and film, what matters most is that people deeply care about MJ, thus, a predictable wave of consumer support will demonstratively confirm to the world that Michael was special. Michael was so treasured, that the track is secondary, he literally was a beacon of general universal entertainment. People around the world knew Mike. I mean, go to Eastern Europe and ask around about Sa-Fire or MC Hammer for that matter, you’ll be hard pressed to find any sign of acknowledgement. But hit the streets of Bucharest on any given day, and well, it’s a Michael Jackson story.

Peep Sa-Fire’s version after the jump

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Friday Free Joints

Hezus Christos


Jay – Z – Ghetto Techno

Beanie Sigel – The Broad Street Bully (LP) (2009)

Drake Feat Eminem, Lil’ Wayne, And Kanye West – Forever (Prod. By Boi-1Da)

T.I. – Swagger Like Us (Unreleased Verse)

Nipsey Hussle Feat Snoop Dogg – Gangsta’s Life

Raekwon Feat Mean Doe Green – School (Prod. By DJ Fresh)

Feature Download

Michael Jackson-Hello World The Motown Solo Collection 3CD (Retail) 2009

Track List: CD1 – CD2 – CD3

Jay-Z Freestyle: Dissin Game or Just Lame?

Gangsta # 1

On a day where everyone and their favorite rapper was tweeting about their emotional breakdown to the Michael Jackson Memorial, I’m glad that a story about beef was floating on the net. This footage (link below) taken at a recent Jigga gig shows the Best Rapper Ever doing his damn freestyle thing. Poking shots at Dame, Jimmy, and The Game is nothing new to Jay-Z so it is somewhat puzzling to see Game’s reaction. The Game was touring France at the time he heard the “diss” and immediately dropped his crafty response “Fuck Jay-Z.

How absurdly tired is this beef thing in hip hop getting? This clash between a legend and a rapper who idolizes that legend will rightfully exist as a mere blip on the rap radar. Seriously though, how pathetic are those French rap concert goers nutting their pants to The Game defecating (in a bad way) on the mic? What do you call 5000 French hip hop heads on the bottom of the ocean?

On another meaty note, Media Takeout is reporting that Jay-Z and Kanye are “beefing” after a recent spat backstage at a concert in the UK.

Jay-Z Freestyle, “I Ain’t Talking About Game” | SOHH TV

Obama Was A Jackson Fan…So What?


Sometimes things that get reported as news are, in truth, so un-newsworthy that it’s worth reporting on–or, at least criticizing. The Associated Press has reported that Obama stated that he was a big Michael Jackson fan and still has all of his tunes on his ipod. Being that Thriller is the best-selling album ever, and Obama happens to be one of the millions and millions who purchased it, it doesn’t exactly strike me as such a huge ripple in the grand scheme of things. Furthermore, this isn’t the first time Obama has mentioned something that’s on his ipod; he has previously named Ludacris and Wilco as two artists El Prez bumps on the reg and each time, the minions who also like Luda and Wilco bowed in awe.

Back to AP’s article, they also make the claim that the black community is upset because Obama never issued public condolences to the Jackson family. However, Obama has recanted by saying “I know a lot of people in the black community…I haven’t heard that.”

If you ask me, Obama manifesting his fondness for MJ and his lack of public condolences are two entirely non-sequitur issues (the former barely even qualifying as news) and just an attempt to link two icons.

Relics Of The King’s Tomb

Picture 1

The thing about the blogosphere is that because everyday there is a stampede of newbies, there are a billion places you can get your fix from. Therefore, the challenge of the clever bloggers is to A. find info first B. find obscure info and blow it up and C. find widespread info but use creativity and intelligence to make it enjoyable to read for the zillionth time. Obviously, with this post, I have my work cut out for me.

There’s nothing on the radio right now except for “Beat It”, “PYT” and “Thriller.” And when one artist becomes so ubiquitous, it makes you ponder what was it exactly about one person’s presence that allowed them to ascend Greek-God like proportions. I won’t give my long philosophy but I think basically, his successful fusion of Motown and pop turned soul music into a sci-fi epic, not just an individual musing between a man and lady.

Here are five MJ relics somewhat outside of the musical realm, testaments to his Reed Richards-like stretch:

Also, peep our coverage of the MJ auction. Not sure if it’s still going down but it was fun to cover.

Michael Jackson action figure: Currently these are flying off E-Bay’s cyber-shelves. They’re produced by LJN, the same folks who made the Thundercats figures. One says “oooooooo” the other says “hooooo”

MJ action figure

Moonwalker Video Game: One of my personal favorite video games of all time. Basically you use magic dust to kill foes and act out Jacko’s videos such as the billiard scene from “Smooth Criminal” and the zombie scene from “Thriller.”

Jeff Koons Sculpture: Jeff Koons is maybe the most prolific pop-artist since Andy Warhol. This sculpture of Michael with Bubbles in currently on display at L.A.’s LACMA.
pop art

Captain EO 3D Shortfilm: This shortfilm was at Disneyland and featured Michael on a starship with a bunch of aliens. Disneyland yanked it, I believe, due to his legal issues. While the original is in 3D, you can watch it in 2D on youtube.

MJ VS. Rabbit Claymation: In the 80’s, this must have looked mind-blowing. It’s still pretty dope, considering that it takes 24 frames to create a second of life.

We Heart Robots

For some reason people love robots. Mechanical interpretations of beings which are flesh-based are awesome; maybe it’s the absurdity of manifesting feeling and emotions and all that shit, through something that’s totally artificial. Scientists have just created robotic penguins that can swim just as well as their aviary inspirations and even communicate through sonar. I suppose this video got me thinking about my favorite robots so I’ve listed my top six droids below:


Daft Punk
daft punk




Michael Jackson


Dishonorable Mention: the Gorillas from the movie Congo*
fake-ass gorilla

*while not technically supposed to be robotic, with those horrible special effects, they may as well have admitted that they were

Walk On Moons



Of course cash is tight right now but if this stimulus bill comes through, you may consider putting your cut towards this dope Michael Jackson robot mask or many other pieces of useless/awesome treasure that have been repo’d from the king’s palace and put up for auction*.


Jackson used this mask in his movie Moonwalker when he turns into a robot to fight Joe Pesci’s horde of drug-peddlers.

*This is perhaps the worst and least practical advice I’ve ever given.

Big ups to Kanye’s blog for the heads-up. Peep it for many more of MJ’s loot.