Two Africans and a Jew

M.anifest hooked a brother up with a new leak. The song is off A.R.M‘s upcoming digital EP “Two Africans and a Jew,” set to be released at the end of March. The EP is a pre-cursor to the summer release of A.R.M’s full length “Uprising” which features Brother Ali and Tumi (of Tumi and the Volume, South Africa). A.R.M. consists of Mcs Krukid (Uganda/Vegas/IL) & M.anifest (Ghana/Minneapolis), with Budo (Seattle/Brooklyn) on production.

A.R.M. ft Slug – Fear Of The Mundane

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Princes and Vikings

There are about six-million ways I could start this post but I’m having trouble thinking of the most efficient. I guess I should begin by pointing out the fact that the Vikings primary color is purple and that the great Prince has been a purpophile for over two decades. The only conclusion I can logically think of to explain the two is divine intervention.

Prince allegedly “saw the future” when the Vikings beat the shit out of Dallas last week and wrote this tune the same night. I’m a huge Prince fan. In the age old CD-you’d-take-to-a-deserted-island convo, Purple Rain is definitely in the top five, but this song sounds like a Christian pop-rock band got drunk on communion wine and screwed a college marching band. Listen to the offspring here.

Mind The Leak: M.anifest – Golly Gosh

Track List

M.anifest hit me up with a second track to leak off his upcoming Birds & The Beats project. The track is produced by a musical savant of sorts called G Mo. G Mo is a 17 year old producer from the Twin Cities who has recently made some noise in the Red Bull beat competition. Apparently G Mo has been producing for M.anifest since 2006, when he was a wee 14 year old lad. Golly gosh that’s on some lolita shit.

M.anifest – Golly Gosh (Prod. by G Mo)

Dad? What are the birds and the beats?

M.AnIFEST Destiny

M.anifest is the type of MC who shakes your preconceived notions, perhaps even make you feel uncomfortable. Why is this rapper talking about global matters? Why the commitment to discussing his cultural and racial heritage? Why does he use big words and puns? Where is Akkra? This is Africa? I thought this was Minnesota?

Yeah, he’s an interesting cat, look out for two things from M.anifest this month: an interview with Zebra Is Food, and the Birds and The Beats tape which drops November 20th. Here’s a sneak peak.

M.ANIFEST – Get Away (Shafiq Husayn re-fix)

Mind The Leak: M.anifest – Playback Music


Had me a sit down with M.anifest this past weekend and took the opportunity to get the inside scoop on Ghana, Minneapolis hip hop, and his current come up. Look out for that interview later on this week, in the meantime M.anifest hooked us up with this exclusive track to “leak”. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take this over that Maybach crap any day. Sorry Ricky, don’t hurt me!

M.anifest – Playback Music