Aesop, and I’m not talking Rocky

So half a decade later, NYC Def Jux delight Aesop Rock has decided to release another solo album, this time on Rhymesayers , titled, Skelethon (cover art after the jump). Aesop is one of those rappers that probably helped forge the gap between kids who listened to Phish and backpack rappers, all white kids, but still. This first track , playing over the video, is called Zero Dark Thirty, which after a little search work, I found out comes from the military time 00:30 (thirty minutes after midnight) and is used to refer to a very early starting time. It’s also the title of a new film about the Osama Bin Laden raid scheduled for a 2012 release. That’s some great SEO planning Aesop! And another thing, seriously, am I the only guy out there who thinks that A.S.A.P Rocky was very much inspired by Aesop Rock when he came upon his moniker? Seriously? Aesop Rock v. ASAP Rocky?

Editor note: My favorite Aesop Rock track: Daylight

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ZIF Video OF The Week: Freeway & Jake One: She Makes Me Feel Alright [HD]

This was a much anticipated project for many Freeway and Jake One fans. There is no doubt that apart from the CD packaging, the album did not exceed expectations. Considering the amount of underground/Rhymesayer marketing and hype for Freeway’s project, I have a feeling this may be the end of Freeway, and not the rebirth of an emcee. C’est la vie.

This track makes me feel like having a girlfriend, or loving hip hop, not sure.

The Stimulus Package for The Whole Damn Industry

Ironically it takes a G from Philly and not a President from Chicago to truly put together a stimulus package that makes sense, let alone cents. Philly fire spitter Freeway has teamed up with hip hop Godsend Jake One. The collaboration has produced a virtual stimulus package for hip hop sonically, however, this will also stimulate the real economy, literally! People will buy this CD. Why? Why buy when you can pirate? Watch the video, and let Rhymesayers show you exactly why son!

Cop the physical copy of this ridiculously marvelous marketing item passing itself off as a CD, everywhere February 15th 2010!

Birds of Prey

birds of prey

Both of these guys come from cities whose football teams are named after birds……..dang, I guess I know nothing else about Seattle or Philadelphia; so much for my comparison as a lead-in. Nonetheless, Jake One and Freeway have joined talons (you like that?) for a mixtape dubbed The Beat Made Me Do It! .

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Mind The Leak: M.anifest – Playback Music


Had me a sit down with M.anifest this past weekend and took the opportunity to get the inside scoop on Ghana, Minneapolis hip hop, and his current come up. Look out for that interview later on this week, in the meantime M.anifest hooked us up with this exclusive track to “leak”. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take this over that Maybach crap any day. Sorry Ricky, don’t hurt me!

M.anifest – Playback Music