Friday Free Joints

Big Shug – For The Real (feat. Termanology, Slaine, Singapore Kane & Reks)

Dark Time Sunshine – Take My Hand featuring Swamburger of Solillaquists of Sound & Aesop Rock

Kendrick Lamar – A1-Everything (Feat. Meek Mill)

Nipsey Hussle featuring YG – All Birds [Freestyle]

Rick Ross – Triple Beam Dreams Ft Nas

Smokey Robotic – Unlike Anyone


Friday Free Joints

Full Rebel Jacket – Purple Lights featuring BJ The Chicago Kid

Luv NY feat. Kool Keith and Roc Marciano – Pressure Up

Rick Ross – 3 Kings (Feat. Jay-Z And Dr. Dre)

RZA – Blowin’ In The Wind

Strong Arm Steady-Fair Fight (Feat. Black Hippy)

Kendrick Lamar Doesn’t DO Power Circles

Yes, this video is primarily a visual capsule of what it means to ride the Rozay money train. This track has been featured on my workout mix, so you know I respect the verses. Kendrick Lamar has that zenith verse, also, I find it rather respectable that he wasn’t compelled to appear in the video. Then again, he’s not MMG family so perhaps that was intentional, use em and abuse em Ricky. I don’t think this track will have the traction that I’m a Boss had last summer, oh, and Wale just doesn’t look genuinely comfortable in this group. I’d take that Top Dawg roster over Maybach anyday though, Ab-Soul and KD versus Wale and Meek? No brainer. Anyways, consume as I know you will, clones.

Friday Free Joints

Calliko ft. GlC – Cruisin (prod. by Big Head Beats)

Dark Time Sunshine – A Walk In The Park

Gunplay, Stalley, Wale, Meek Mill, And Rick Ross-Power Circle (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

House Shoes-Nails (Feat. Quelle Chris And Guilty Simpson)

Rapper Big Pooh-The Love (Feat. Alexis Jones)

Talent Couture-Percocet and Adderall

Hey Rick Ross, Michael Jordan does not consider you a friend.

I’m not even sure that Michael Jordan knows who Rick Ross is. I mean it’s possible that Mike caught some of that beef with Fitty, there was enough random YouTube content to penetrate Mike’s life, maybe. But either way, this has to be one of the most illogical and unnesccesary statements from a rapper regarding athletes in God knows how long. I mean seriously, “Mike, we don’t need to hear that from you”. Rick, you can’t see your toes homie, I’m pretty sure that both Lebron and MJ would be down to never hear you utter their names in an interview again.

And for the record, Michael Jordan’s comments about the Lebron James saga? SPOT THE FUCK ON.

Friday Free Joints

Download: Drake – Over [prod. by Boi 1da]

Download: Fabolous ft Nicki Minaj – For The money

Download: Ill Bill ft. Crooked I – Murdered [prod by Blue Sky Black Death]

Download: Jay Rock ft. Rick Ross – Finest Hour [prod by J-U-S-T-I-C-E League]

Download: Joe Budden ft. Royce Da 5′ 9 – New York Jersey Philly

Rick Ross And That White Dude

New video by Rick Ross for his track “Lay Back”, which for convenience sake rhymes well with “Maybach”. This is a simple eye-candy video, no significant substance whatsoever, apart from the bikini’s and accompanying tan lines. Oh, and let me just go on record and say: Rick Ross is getting fatter, and rather than combat this physical plight, he’s compensating, just buying bigger and more expensive silk shirts. Ricky needs to lay off laying back, and get on a stair climber.

Mind The Leak: M.anifest – Playback Music


Had me a sit down with M.anifest this past weekend and took the opportunity to get the inside scoop on Ghana, Minneapolis hip hop, and his current come up. Look out for that interview later on this week, in the meantime M.anifest hooked us up with this exclusive track to “leak”. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take this over that Maybach crap any day. Sorry Ricky, don’t hurt me!

M.anifest – Playback Music

Prom Dress Beats

ghost ross

I remember this episode of Beverly Hills 90210 where Brenda and Kelly had bought the same dress for the senior prom. It was a big tumultuous deal and ruined the evening for the whole gang. Recently, two prominent rappers–Ghostface KIllah and Rick Ross–have used the same beat. Not just the same sample, it’s the same beat. Ghostface’s “Guest House” uses the same beat that Rick Ross used for “Yacht Club.” I personally think both versions are pretty ill and it’s neat to see how each MC tackles the beat. It’s also neat to see how the J.U.S.T.I.C.E League production compliments the content in each respective rapper’s song; Rick Ross’ is about showing some pretty ladies the seven seas aboard a posh watercraft while Ghost’s is about the cable guy fucking his wife*.

*still not entirely positive if the culprit being a cable guy is literal or a dirty metaphor.

Peep for yourself:
Ghostface Killah feat. Fabolous–Guest House

Rick Ross-Yacht Club

Ballin’ Chain: Ricky Ross

Yeah, I'm putting it on Ebay...No ReserveFirst up is the Boss,

Truth be told, I wasn’t gonna write this after Ricky’s baby mama claimed he was a fraud, cooperated with the police (see earlier ZIF post where Beenie Man shits on him) and said he has a three inch penis.  Hopefully at least the dick thing is not true.

Ross’s chain is definitely longer than three inches, and that is just the pendant.  Hard to argue with this chain.  A hint of Stevie Wonder, a hint of Mr. T, almost looks like it could have been created by the Simpsons animation staff.  I respect it though, because how many dudes in the game have a chain of themselves? Exactly.  This is a statement chain and it doesn’t make the same statement that most chains out there make (aka I’m so rich, I will waste a key of platinum and 2 months worth of African mining conflict on my neck)

I remember my buddies and I worked at a party in high school when we used to work for a catering company and at that party the host had a statue of himself in his house.  We had worked at a lot of rich dude’s properties, but that stuck out as straight gangsta, that statue.  (Not convinced?  That same host served carved ostrich steak for dinner.)

Point being, it takes a certain someone to craft a giant piece of jewelry in their own image, and it doesn’t hurt if you have an iconic dome like Rick Ross does.  Personally, I have listened to Ross’s album many times through (if you haven’t, it is too late, your game is already shot…go back to your round-screen TV and wait for your parents’ call on your monophonic ring-tone cell.)  It is a gem and we can tip our caps to the Boss for making Maybach a household car brand name now.  And, btw, peep the liner notes on ‘Deeper Than Rap’…not so sure the Maybach Music Group (Ross’ posse) is fronting one bit.  So either Ross is like George W, an imposter that surrounds himself by reals, or he is a straight G that rocks this icy representation of that G-ness surrounded by Gs.  What’s in a chain?

Up Close and Personal with the Boss

Ballin’ Chain: New Series

Hard to Hustle with a ton around your neck

One thing that has always irked me about the media’s treatment of hip-hop has been it’s simultaneous attitude towards the subject—saying, “okay you crazy rappers, go out there and do your thing” (so we can whore you out for content), while also saying, “But don’t expect us to actually take you and your lifestyle seriously because this is only hip-hop after all.”  (know your places, rappers, you aren’t really artists, right? )

The media has always merely gone through the motions regarding hip-hop artists.  They will touch on personal details, sure, if they get the public a little bit hard (“Fifty’s been shot 9 times, so blah blah blah.”)  but rarely do we get the details and what that might mean.  Why aren’t rappers like everyone else—i.e. why don’t the small facts that distinguish all of us from one another (clothes, foods, kicks, friends, etc) get sweated by the media like perhaps they should?

The bullshit stops here.  In the spirit of the typical journalistic analysis that gets applied to every other person worth writing about, we at the Zebreezy will be paying a little bit closer attention to detail and trying to get at one of the common links between rappers aka hip-hop artists and one of hip-hop’s great barometers: the chain.

There is a saying that a man is only as good as his watch so it follows that a rapper is only as good as his chain.  We at the Zebreezy bring you the Ballin’ Chain series.  We take a chain, examine what it means to us within the context of its wearer.

And if y’all keep loving this Zebreezy so much, shit, we might be analyzing our own bling in a while…ha, keep grindin’ and don’t sweat the Ballin’ Chains too much

Drake: Live in The Now


Right now is the best time to be an artist. And now, is better then the second I wrote the first sentence and two seconds from now will be better than the second it is now. The main reason for the present being so perfect is that you get to see what works, what doesn’t and avoid crucial mistakes. Peep Young Money’s Drake, his label head/mate Lil Wayne gave away music for days and days. And when he subsequently releases an album for sale, it sells more than anything else in three years. Hence, here is Drake giving away MPfrees. And, after seeing poor Rick Ross get crucified after denying his work as a law enforcement officer, he went ahead and fessed up to his past as a child-actor on the teeny-boppin Degrassi High. Drake is now! Cop his new mixtape, The Drought is Over: Friends With Money.

Cop or Con? In Jamaica you can’t be both!

It's Beenie ...MON...

So you know how Rick Ross admitted/was exposed regarding his gig as a corrections officer? Yeah, Beenie heard about that, and provided the Jamaican perspective on the matter. Simply put in Rasta terms, if you going to mash it up in Jamaica you can’t be a Bandulu and a Beast, that would be pure fuckery.

Transcript of Beenie Man’s take on Rick Ross working with da police!!!

No, Jamaica don’t do police,” Beenie explained. “You can be a cop if you want [but not an artist.] If you’re a police artist, I don’t know if that’s going to work out. You’re a cop and an artist? That don’t work out in Jamaica. You got cop artists, but they do that talent show sh*t. They don’t come out on the street because n*ggas in Jamaica, once they find out you’re a cop and you’re on-stage, that means you’re vulnerable. And you know what I mean, there gonna be battles, stones, oranges, apples, all that sh*t. When I say orange and apple, you understand it’s an M-16, AK-47, if you want me to get serious. Because then you’re vulnerable. You’re a cop on stage. No police in the business. If you gonna be in the business, you gotta re-sign the business because police is in the killing business. The innocent killing business. And then the innocence is in the crowd and they’re gonna try to kill you back because that’s how it goes, eye for an eye,tooth for a tooth.”

Diss My Mom, Diss My Album but Don’t Diss My Website!

ooooo right in the kisser!

Phew! Since it’s moms day, this post actually comes as a relief. After the whole 50 Cent/ Rick Ross beef, what with its ratting on the sub-par work-ethics of associates, viscous homophobia and vengeful boning of baby-mothers, it’s good to see The Game attacking G-Unit in the tamest of ways: dissing their website. Ouch. The Game is now on Twitter under ComptonTrash.

Props to Ross

every every every day im hustling

I know a music journalist who doesn’t like rap music but he makes an exception for Rick Ross. Kanye West has boastfully stated that rap music is too gritty to be played in his crib. But, he’s making an exception for the new Rick Ross album. I personally have not scoped Deeper Than Rap yet but weird discrepancies like this make me interested. You should also scope this NY Times article, which is not only complimentary but also thorough about the circumstances surrounding the making of the record.

MPFREE: Rick Ross – Deeper Than Rap