Happy 4:20, meet Singapore Kane under the bridge, chief’n

Nobody smokes like I smoke. You can ask Nate Dogg’s hologram about that. Which is why I’m proud to present the exclusive Singapore Kane drop on 4:20, find a bridge, smoke some trees, listen to this anthem and enjoy yourself, it’s Christmas.

Singapore Kane – Under The Bridge (Happy 4:20)

Singapore Kane Pays Tribute To His Guru

Singapore Kane – Just To Get A Rep (GURU Tribute)

Exactly one year ago today, Guru, the influential rapper known for his intellectual themes, his monotone delivery and his combination of jazz sounds with hip-hop beats, died after battling cancer. He was 43. Guru, whose real name was Keith Elam, was born near Boston and later moved to New York. Not too many rappers can start a Guru tribute with the line “I remember when I met you…” but Singapore Kane came up under the GangStarr wing, ¬†and although it’s a difficult challenge to honor our lost loved ones, it’s an important part of hip hop culture to remember the past. For most Boston rappers today is just another day in the crab bucket, but for those ol school G’s that remember that Guru was Boston first, NY second, today will be a day to stop, ponder, and hell, maybe play a Singapore Kane track.

Singapore Kane- Outside The Margins [Screenshots]

So we wrapped up the video for Singa’s track “Outside The Margins” a few weeks ago. We’ve hit a few snags in getting this to the ‘right’ people, so I figured I’d feed you hungry bastards a quick morsel. Posts about screenshots from a music video are relatively repressive forms of expression. But hell, this gives you a decent idea of where the video was shot, hint: not Boston.

Additional information for you cats regarding the video. It was shot and directed by yours truly, the track was produced by TKSTR, and it was edited by Archibald Films. Teamwork son, teamwork.

Singapore Fresh

Singapore Kane – Get Fresh Specialist

Another distinct track from Singapore. The beat is from a cat called Purpose. Which is ironic, because right now my concern is that my favorite rapper needs some. I like the line about spitting super lyrical but they looking crazy individuals. Singapore Kane is a crazy lyricist, I wish that DJ Premier would just lace this cat with an album. Premo and Singapore, you could call it, “Premier Kane”, you know, like fishscale.

ZIF Exclusive Interview: Singapore Kane

For me there’s none better. And he says a lot in this interview, so if you don’t know about SK, click here and start the education. Keeping this post minamilist for the purposes of clarifying your mind, much like a pallette cleanser prior to a fine Bordeaux. I present to you, the #1 ranked rapper in the ZIF paradigm: Singapore Kane.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Speaking of Boston Rappers in Slovenia

I stumbled across this footage of my dude Singapore Kane ripping it with Big Shug in Slovenia. The footage is a little spotty, but what do you expect, it’s practically black market only out there. Enjoy, commercial and spam free only on ZIF.