Blog Love (Shit’s Easy)


Disclaimer, this may be the worst song we’ve ever posted (probably not, but up there). When sitting down with an aspiring artist, discussions often revolve around logistical problems, one such obstacle seems to be ‘getting out there’. What concepts are going to make them distinct enough to get some attention among the masses? Here’s an idea, pick a holiday, make a track about it. I recall sitting down with Singapore Kane and telling him that putting out a MLK tribute track on MLK Day would be a good look, especially in a SEO sense. Well, kudos to artist, Nyemiah Supreme, your track about dismissing love just got some, see, shit’s easy son.

Oh, and I don’t mean to utterly dismiss this artist, I listened to some other material, and frankly some of her tracks sound eerily like Azealia Banks, that’s good, right?

Spelling Caine


So, you downloaded the latest product from G.O.O.D Music and you’re overly surprised at how into this mixtape you are. Here’s the thing, considering the project has production from Yeezy, Harry Fraud, !llMind and Jake-One, you should be impressed. Pusha T has successfully catapulted himself out of the pigeon hole that The Neptunes (oh, they produce a track on this too) had placed him in. Now, many haters out there, including justifable Kanye haters are going to say that this is much ado about nothing, that the Twitter hype (which is extensive) surrounding this ‘mixtape’ is nothing more than a by -product of Kanyeshian fever. No doubt a Kanye co-sign will do much for your career (see Cyphi Da Prince). Alas, said hate would be premature and misinformed, this album bumps extremely hard, and is surely appreciated by both Main, Wall, and The Street. This Jake-One joint is my fave, though that !llMind one is also bath salts.

Pusha T – Take My Life feat. Andrea Martin [Produced by Jake-One]

One logistical point slash thought. What is up with the multiple versions of spelling for “caine”? I’ve seen both Cain and Caine, including on Pusha T’s own tweets/social networking push. Seems minor yet amateur hour. Speaking of different ways to spell “caine”, it would be a misstep on your behalf not to acquaint yourself with Singapore Kane’s mixtape “Wrath of Kane”, a ZIF sponsored project from a ZIF HOFer. Here be the links.

Download: Pusha T – Wrath of Cain(e)

Download :Singapore Kane – Wrath of Kane

Sabbaticals and such


So I was granted a two week leave off the plantation, and ZIF suffered the consequences. Between the Newtown shooting and the general malaise that tends to define my holiday experiences  I admit, opining about music, culture and life itself has not been a priority. Having said that, we at ZIF are busy behind the scenes working on some projects I’m eager to share with you, mums for now though.

Now, onto this REKS track. I was put onto REKS by the big homie Singapore Kane, and I can say, it’s been an absolute pleasure. Nobody out there is currently working as hard as this cat right here. He must live in the studio because it’s non-stop releases when he’s not on tour. This track is off the forthcoming “Revolution Cocktail” mixtape which will be released on iTunes on 1/22/13 (mixtape releases on iTunes trip me out). Singapore has also been in the studio with REKS recently, look out for that banger of a collabo on his upcoming work, Waves N Shades, no doubt Beantown’s finest right there.

Hit the jump to peep some footage of REKS I took a few years ago when he was around my way.

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REKS Go Bang Bang

Working with Singapore Kane put me on Boston rap in general, and if you’re in the know about The Bean, you know damn well who REKS is. From what I know about him the emcee is humble and introspective, lives life by his own rules but doesn’t impose them on anybody else. This new album titled “REBELutionary” should be a manifestation of his constant commitment to pushing his music his way, thankfully it sounds more than palatable. The lead single is a track titled “Shotgun“, needless to say it gets bumped in the whip.  Pre-Order REBELutionary here.

REKS – Shotgun (Feat. Jon Connor And Venessa Renee) 

Happy 4:20, meet Singapore Kane under the bridge, chief’n

Nobody smokes like I smoke. You can ask Nate Dogg’s hologram about that. Which is why I’m proud to present the exclusive Singapore Kane drop on 4:20, find a bridge, smoke some trees, listen to this anthem and enjoy yourself, it’s Christmas.

Singapore Kane – Under The Bridge (Happy 4:20)

Guru Unites Boston Elite at Fest

Shoutout to The Phoenix for the footage

At Unity Fest 5 in Boston this year, the theme was tribute, the man was Guru. As the video indicates the all-star event hosted by Edo G was quite the success, wax legend DJ Premier was surely the main draw on paper, but as you can see, Boston appreciates their own grown talent. Big Shug and Singapore Kane shred the scene so diligently I wonder how it is that these guys have never dropped a full length LP together, smells like politics. On some real shit though, mind LionStarr artist Singapore Kane in 2011, the plan is to assart, so mind the scorched earth. Expect an SK single to be dropped on ZIF in the next week or so.

Singapore Kane v. Glass Joe

Singapore Kane- Glass Joe (DJ Freestyle)

Be sure to head on over to DJ Booth and check out the latest installment in their Freestyle Series, Glass Joe, courtesy of Singapore. When we were asked about a freestyle, I initially thought that SK would rock something contemporary, but of course the militant in him had him a bit riled up about that whole Canibus/Premo beef over the Devil’s Pie instrumental.  I wouldn’t call this freestyle a “Canibus diss”, but at the same time, it’s called Glass Joe for a reason. For those of you who don’t remember, Glass Joe was a pansy character in the original Mike Tyson Punchout, he looked like this:

Singapore Kane Pays Tribute To His Guru

Singapore Kane – Just To Get A Rep (GURU Tribute)

Exactly one year ago today, Guru, the influential rapper known for his intellectual themes, his monotone delivery and his combination of jazz sounds with hip-hop beats, died after battling cancer. He was 43. Guru, whose real name was Keith Elam, was born near Boston and later moved to New York. Not too many rappers can start a Guru tribute with the line “I remember when I met you…” but Singapore Kane came up under the GangStarr wing,  and although it’s a difficult challenge to honor our lost loved ones, it’s an important part of hip hop culture to remember the past. For most Boston rappers today is just another day in the crab bucket, but for those ol school G’s that remember that Guru was Boston first, NY second, today will be a day to stop, ponder, and hell, maybe play a Singapore Kane track.

Music Videos: Just Get Them Out! Tragic Allies X Meyhem Lauren

Having shot a music video recently myself, I know that what can and does go into many music videos is a large amount of creative thinking backed by some good old fashioned hard work. Time too, plenty of time. Now, these two videos, one by Meyhem Lauren and one by Tragic Allies have caught my eye/social news feed today. At a personal level, these are rap acts I follow, one because Action Bronson is featured on Meyhem tracks, and two, because Tragic Allies are a Boston act that Singapore put me on, so you know I’ll pay heed to that.

Point is, these videos required very little budget and time, effectively shattering my belief that you need some of that always. The first video is super duper cheapo, featuring action figures (He-Man?) and some domestic backdrops, I suppose it emphasizes the rhymes, although after a bit, I’m down to just listen to the track. The second video (below) is classic 90’s video steez, find a liquor store, find some homies, shoot!

Either way you cut it, these guys made it onto my feed this morning, and ZIF for that matter. Mission accomplished in my book.

Video: Singapore Kane X Lee Bannon: Dividends

Lots of Singapore Kane material eh? Not enough you say? Well here is the new video off Wrath Of Kane, a Lee Bannon joint. The Boston shot video features SK parading through a parody of skits resembling the Tarantino flick Reservoir Dogs. If you’re curious about details regarding the shoot, Singa told me to make sure you know you can ask him personally, start with a tweet.

Watch the stylistically opposing Outside The Margins video here.

Singapore Kane – Wrath of Kane [Album Download]

All too often rap monikers seem entirely arbitrary to the actual content of the music that follows. Ruthlessly bucking this trend of empty promises is Singapore Kane, whose aggressively crisp delivery swats the versatile array of beats featured on his fifth solo project, Wrath of Kane.

A veteran of the Boston rap scene, Singapore Kane’s latest effort hears him coupling his bent for street-centric battle raps with socially conscious, yet realistic, commentary. On tracks like “Ill Bomb” and “Dividends”, Kane nods at his boom-bap roots with unrelenting lyrical vigor. Meanwhile Kane’s flow is able to melodically slow it down for brutally vivid reflections on tracks like “Outside the Margins” and “Mad at Me”—perhaps Kane’s personal version of couples therapy. Meanwhile, Kane’s heartfelt “MLK Tribute”, which Kane recorded after a sudden jolt of inspiration, caught ears and hearts across the rap world on Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.

While the Wrath of Kane mixtape showcases the Boston MC’s proficiency at conquering industry beats, Kane also stays true to his Beantown roots, employing original bangers from Bostonian producers like Purpose, Allegory and Alexander the Great, all of whom lay down gully East Coast fire. Meanwhile, Kane’s gritty narratives collide with original Cali-tinged soul from West Coast producers like TKSTR (“Outside the Margins”) and Lee Bannon (“Dividends”). And, as Singapore Kane readies his next project (an EP of entirely original production), living-legendary producer DJ Premiere blesses the remix to “Play It”, where Singapore Kane’s prowess shines alongside other lyrical heavyweights Royce Da’ 5’9 and fellow Boston MCs, Big Shug and Termanology.

Across the board, whether he’s musing on the ups-and-downs of relationships and life or reveling in the ascension out of poverty, Wrath of Kane is the latest offering of explicitly real hip-hop from one of Boston’s illest and most promising wordsmiths.

Download the album.

Friday Free Joints (Yes, it’s Saturday) #newmusic


Action Bronson – Barry Horowitz

M-Dot, Virtuoso, King Magnetic, V.Knuckles (NBS), Singapore Kane, Red Eye %26 E’Flash (NBS) – Open Heart Surgery (Prod. Snowgoons)

Raekwon – Silver Rings Ft. Ghostface Killah

Raekwon – Crane Style Ft. Busta Rhymes