Joe Budden loses his most prized (Ass)et!

Tahiry eyed

Video models walk a fine line with a fat ass and that ain’t easy to do! On the one hand they have to exude sex and erotica, all in a manner that emulates a stripper on a busy night in Atlanta. However, if the video model wants to secure girlfriend status with the celebrity, i.e. Amber Rose/Kanye, she must be careful not to sell herself short. Yes, at the end of the day it’s all about how magnanimous her booty may be, but there needs to be a certain ‘je ne sais quois’ that draws in the masses, and most importantly the rap superstars. In the case of Amber Rose a massive part of her appeal is the fashionista/thirsty/hood/couture mixture she has manifested in her public aesthetics.


In the case of Joe Budden’s recent girlfriend Tahiry, her appeal may be a little more accessible. Graced with one of the largest assess on the planet, Tahiry has been featured in XXL and King Magazine, both photo shoots are somewhat legendary. She broke up with Budden a few days ago, and will most definitely be parlaying that TMZ buzz into a new celebrity beau friend. Her special talent? Making jaws drop and rappers cry. Yo Joey, I guess Slaughterhouse has been a little too encompassing of a project. You went out to play with the piggies even though you had bacon at home. Peep the behind the scenes video below of Tahiry’s King Magazine shoot, and peep more images of this delicacy after the jump.

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