Genre Setting by Top Bananas


Looks like the heat wave that hit Los Angeles today can be applied to its artists as well. ZIF fave Top Bananas drops a remix worthy of starting your weekend off with. I don’t know much about Alex Clare, however, the track has that hard to define sound that has come to define TB’s releases. Apparently this remix was the first track that fit into the genre “FARnB” that was started by the man himself. I’ve heard nothing of this, but considering my appreciation of Top Bananas and his proximity to our HQ, I’ll be sure to ask.

Potassium D Anyone?

Ah, good old TopBananas, you’ve always made timely insertions into my playlist. Put simply, L.A./SoCal emcee TopBananas passes the eyeball test. He produces his own music, his tracks regardless of what randomness he’s throwing in there are always listenable, and frankly he screams nice guy. Not to mention he once mentioned our blog in one of his videos (rappers note: this buys you absurd shelf life on The Serengeti). Seriously though, this new track off his upcoming mixtape “Fire Sale” truly caught my attention, doesn’t dude sound like radio material (in a marketable kind of way, not mainstream shit kind of way)? He’s always had a great ear for what’s hot on the proverbial street, if he’s been packed away in his lab somewhere cooking, I guarantee you this mixtape is going to be fire.


Let’s face it, in the current day and age, working a demeaning job with horrid pay, moronic co-workers and belittling tasks is inevitable.  However, that doesn’t mean you should take it lying down. I think what I really like about the debut video from Top Bananas is his classy spitting in the face of despair. I pretty much dig everything about this video: the art direction, the song itself, the shots of Downtown LA, etc. I also really dig the shout out Bananas gives your favorite rap blog– listen for it!