Genre Setting by Top Bananas


Looks like the heat wave that hit Los Angeles today can be applied to its artists as well. ZIF fave Top Bananas drops a remix worthy of starting your weekend off with. I don’t know much about Alex Clare, however, the track has that hard to define sound that has come to define TB’s releases. Apparently this remix was the first track that fit into the genre “FARnB” that was started by the man himself. I’ve heard nothing of this, but considering my appreciation of Top Bananas and his proximity to our HQ, I’ll be sure to ask.

White Label Only Please

A lot of people hate on mixtapes because of the mixing. They can’t stand some of the DJ promos and shout outs, and frankly can do without plenty of the skits. Hey, fair enough, I hear ya, so here are some White Label Mixtapes for your perusing. Essentially the White Label refers to the fact that there is “no talking, shout outs or DJ drops.” Shit, that’s almost not a mixtape by my definition, but for the music purists, here’s some unreleased raps about White Girl on White Labels…

Some mane...huh?

Lil Wayne Official White Label


Gucci Mane – Official White Label

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