Ab-Soul Explains That Jay-Z Verse

This was the first track that I heard Ab-Soul on, and how can one not be taken aback by that reference to his lyrical superiority over Jay-Z. I recall two initial feelings, one, I thoroughly enjoyed the track and frankly found the verse about running laps around Jay-Z playful and relevant. Second thought was, I wonder how Jay-Z would respond to this if and when he heard it? Well, apparently his response was to have him explain himself on his YouTube series, Decoded, touche Hova, touche.


Pull Ya Pants Up

“It’s disrespectful showing your butt off,” said Amor, a fourth-grader at PS 92 on Parkside Ave. “I’m always seeing boys, girls, rappers, singers — everyone is sagging out.”

When Amor Lilman was 7 years old he received a verbal lashing from his dad for galavanting around the Parade Grounds playground in Flatbush with his jeans well below his hips. He quickly turned his life lesson into some bars worth spitting. The catchy hook caught the attention of his friends and family.

“Think that you swaggin’ cause your pants saggin’ — Pull ya pants up. Pull ya pants up.”

One thing led to another, and two years later he was invited to perform during the Martin Luther King Jr. Concert Series, held in Coney Island and at Wingate Field in Flatbush. That parlayed into a meeting with Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, momentum then carried young Amor into this music video (Marty makes a cameo, he is the suit with the cheeseball grin).

Sagging has been around since I was letting it all hang out in the 5th grade, it was called Kriss Kross. The idea that it is a social problem worth dedicating time and funds to combating, that may be an overreaction by conservative parents and over zealous city politicians. Needless to say the American jacket in the video was ‘well-placed’, sort of screams for an appearance on the Today Show or Anderson Cooper doesn’t it?  Okay, I’ve effectively criticized a song by a child under 10, time to take that off my bucket list.

Parodies Stink. Sean Price’s Rap Clinic? Not so much.

I hate parodies, be they movies, twitter accounts and/or random YouTube clips vying for the next viral highway, I despise them. That being said, this video of Sean Price running a clinic for primarily white rappers is wonderfully engaging. I’m a Mandela fan, so I love seeing P being put in positions where he has to do something other than spit gutter bars. For an obvious parody, I’d say he does a commendable job keeping the farce going. A shortened version was released via Red Bull a few days ago. This is the full version via Duck Down.

Dance Floor Dale [NSFW]

Flying Lotus aka the “Wonder from Winnetka” is the epitome of experimental. Two quick things about the man. Firstly, he’s the most talented producer under 30. Secondly, he’s supposed to be remixing Radiohead’s most recent album The King Of Limbs in its entirety! Here’s what he said about that recently:

“They wanted me to remix the new Radiohead record, and I’ve been trying to mess with that a little bit. But I haven’t gotten to it yet.” When asked how that remix might sound, FlyLo responded, “It’s too early to say, man. I have no fucking clue. It’s difficult to work with, because the pieces that they gave me, there’s no real a cappella. It’s like piano and voice at the same time… So I have to come up with some shit that’s a little similar to the record, I guess, to an extent.”

Back to this video, it was released late last year but keeps getting booted off YouTube and various other sites. The video features a middle aged couple getting their dam funk on and progressing into flat out rainbow sex.  The track is a personal dance floor favorite but I had circumstantially been challenged when it came to peeping the actual video. If you’re in the same boat as me, feel free to check this video out at work, just make sure your office door is closed, it would be a difficult piece of art to explain on a Friday. If the link ever dies, which it will, it is permanently being hosted at http://dancefloordale.com/.

FOKN Bois be Sexin Islamic Girls


My homie Nana-Kofi over at our affiliate ASPECKS told me about M3nsa a long time ago, they hooked up some t-shirts for his last solo album. M3nsa’s collobarative effort with Wanlov the Kubolor (love these monikers) has been aptly titled the Fokn Bois’. For those of you familiar with Pidgin, the lyrics will hit home, for those of you who struggle with your acoustic diversity, peep these lyrics off the track:


Yes, they are in the shock the shit out of you (if you are Nigerian or Muslim especially) business. That’s why I’m lining up what has to be my most anticpated interview yet for ZIF, I may have to have my translator stand by, but I will assuredly explore these guys more, as you should as well. You can start by YouTubing the world’s “1st Pidgin Musical”, titled, Coz Ov Moni and the respective soundtrack. Peep their interview with ASPECKS about that project and a clip from the “musical” after the jump. It’s Fokn great!

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David Lynch Shocks No One With Music Video (NSFW)

Yes, David Lynch dropped a solo album last year. This music video is the first one off the album, however, not the first video he has directed. He directed Moby’s “Shot In The Back Of The Head” video a couple years ago. (Peep that after the jump)

One last thing, I absolutely love how age polarizing this kind of material is. #1 comment on YouTube for this video:

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ZIF Video Of The Week: Shawt Bus Shawty

Talk about a funny ass shawt film! The ironic part of enjoying the mockery, is the fact that I’m a fan of both Gucci and Wacka Flocka, so take that as a compliment BYOB ENT.

Tropicana Chevy orange sord of like a pumpkin. Lol

The Vuvuzela Sounds Like a Duck on Coke

Not sure how many of you have been avidly following the World Cup, but it’s been a fantastical ride of emotions for most invested fans. With the early exits of Italy and France, and the recent dismissal of the U.S. by African favorites Ghana it has not been predictable stuff, frankly, the South Africa World Cup has proven to be a one of a kind experience. One particular phenomenon of acute cultural interest is the wide spread usage of the Vuvuzela horn, that would be the source of all that background noise, one reporter described the sound of a Vuvuzela to the sound a duck would make, “on speed”. Now that it’s become a pop cultural talking point here in the West, let the bandwagon hopping begin. First up, YouTube, the streaming giant will be featuring a “Vuvuzela button” for all videos, just in case you needed to drown out the audio of the video you are watching with a quacking duck on crack cocaine.

Thugz n’ Criminalz

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, and even if you don’t “give a rip about Alabama,” Dale Peterson gets your attention here (“Listen up!”)  We can be certain that he is going to bite (shoot?) the head off any issue that comes his way, just the way they like their politicians down South.

This is the first political ad I can remember that so seamlessly incorporates a horse…and a gun!  I was a little disappointed the horse didn’t speak during the ad, as I half-expected him to do, but we do at least get a nice close up of his face.  The timing of the zoom-in on the horse’s face couldn’t be better, after Dale asks, “Who would support such a dummy?” we get the horse close-up as if to suggest only a horse would vote for his opponent…though the horse looks unimpressed and will definitely be voting Dale Peterson.

Love him or hate him, Dale Peterson is a straight G in this ad.  He’s not scared of “thugs and criminals,” flashing his gat in public, or calling people out for their unsavory Facebook activity. He gets my vote—for best political ad ever.

Chase and Status are Machines

Why is it that everything that Chase and Status touch turns into pure gold? That Jay-Z remix they did caught us 41 thousand views and 85 comments on YouTube. Let’s see how this Nneka post does.

Download: Nneka – Heartbeat (Chase and Status Remix)

Decade in retrospect

This was a bad decade. It’s good to know it’s over. This doesn’t mean specific people didn’t ride high; perhaps it’s worth lauding their accomplishments in a series of lists that can be consulted as sorts of time-capsules. The boys in a band are not in love with the modern world, this is a good start; tragic love was running shit since Gwen Stefani crossed-over and somehow predicted it happening in her first music video with No Doubt, almost as if the whole thing was contrived from the get-go. PAUSE.

Are there really commercials in this shit? They’ll ruin any good thing with inundated bullshit, won’t they, these record execs? Even Lupe Fiasco fucking complains; it’s enough to drive any loving critic fucking loco! So if this decade is all about losses; then we can casually sift through the wreckage, like Japanese cockroaches with helmet-cams and try to make sense of the fact that we are being controlled like robots by those who continually sell us new technology to make our lives MORE than what we could on our own. This growth is a kind of cancer of the human body; not on that Non-Phixion tip “1975: they created AIDS inside a laboratory” it’s amazing how many people can get caught up in superstition. PAUSE

The rechargeable battery came to replace the middle man between you and your product, now it was just supposed to be the player’s designer and the energy company which owned all your shit. Renting became so fucking easy, borrowing for no apparent reason the norm for 10 years, and the landslide that came a tumblin’ down was somehow a surprise to a suddenly defunct, but not quite dysfunctional family that is the american empire; no capitals here, cause’ there’s nothing to celebrate. Amiri Baraka once asked Thelonius Monk, “what’s happenin’?” Monk replies, “Everything, at the same time.” PAUSE

Is that shit not HILARIOUS: ZIF exclusive thought: reshoot this document piece, but make it about AznAmerican ballers, specifically Taka Yasuzawa, the Takstar.

ZIF Video Of The Week: Lupe Fiasco X Christmas X Nike Money

All of you will see this commercial on television or YouTube before the holiday season has ended. However, many of you, not all of you (rap nerds be quiet), will never have recognized the rapper’s voice nor research its origin. Well, it’s Lupe Fiasco, the guy who got famous rapping about the onomatopoeia associated with skateboarding . And yes, he is getting caked out for this I’m sure. Anytime your name is in the same sentence with Christmas, Nike, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, you’re definitely getting your stocking stuffed.

Lil Wayne Deployed To Mexico To Save The Drug War!

What makes this “news” clip from The Onion so absurd, hence, funny, is the fact that the plan may actually work somewhat. I mean if Weezy set up shop down there for a few years, just using and spending his money on yayo, don’t you think some traffic may stay inside Mexico that was otherwise headed for U.S. border towns in Texas and California?

In reality, I think President of Young Money Entertainment, Mack Maine, is the one that’s really been hitting the white girl lately. Watch him spew garbage about how legendary the Young Money roster is. Granted, I like Drake and Nicki, but legendary they are not. You have to excuse Mack’s suspect judgement sometimes, he went from placing 16th in an MTV freestyle competition to running the affairs of a multimillion dollar label breaking records during a recession. Give him time, I’m sure he’ll turn into the next Russell Simmons soon enough.

Peep the legendary roster on YM after the jump.

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What To Watch Tonight? Alicia Keys Live On YouTube!

These live broadcasts on YouTube are the next big thing in bringing in viewers and money back into the music industry. We don’t watch TV anymore guys!!! Nothing like a charity concert by Ms. Keys on World AIDS Day to showcase the viral value of a YouTube concert. Viral value was a bad pun, but you know what I mean, if the industry wants to make money off the next generation, you have to go to their rooms and speak to THEM! In this case the room is YouTube, and they’re waiting.